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WTF is Tetran

What the hell is a Tetran??
Is it an add-on for the iBuzz mentioned earlier today?
Maybe it's a crazy Japanese massager?
Howabout one of those wall-sticky toys you used to pull out of cereal in the 80's???

It's an iPod headphone cable winder thingy!!!!!!
I know, what a let down. You were expecting the next HUGE THING®™ and in the end it's just an overpriced ($12.95!) cable winder thingy. Just like your mom told you growing up, they can't all be winners now can they??

From their website:

"TETRAN is the fun cable winder for your favorite iPod or MP3 player's earbud headphones. Just wind your cable around TETRAN's body and use TETRAN's cute mouth as a holder for your earbuds. The spikes keep TETRAN from running away. There is a removable ball-bearing style chain included for attaching TETRAN to your belt loop, cell phone strap or key ring.

In addition to TETRAN's fuctionality as a earbud cable winder, TETRAN can be used for a relaxation break. Squeeze TETRAN in your hand to relieve stress, or roll TETRAN around on the floor for a foot massage. TETRAN's incredibly cute design is available in four fun color variations: Pink, Green, Yellow, and Orange."

-CGP fo Life-


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