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419er Gets What He Deserves

This guy was selling a nice video camera used on Amazon and was being pestered by Nigerian 419 scammers. When they went to the extreme of faking Amazon purchase conformations he decided to get revenge. Instead of getting a Cannon GL2 in his scamming little hands, this Nigerian recieved a box of feces, and had to pay the FedEx bill to boot.

"A day or so after listing the GL2 I started receiving emails from interested parties. I was immediately suspicious when I received multiple inquiries wanting to pay for the GL2 via Bidpay and requesting that I ship the Canon GL2 to Nigeria. Each time I responded that the Canon GL2 had to be purchased via the amazon.com purchasing system and that I could ship the GL2 to Nigeria. I also would inform the prospective buyer that I would ship the GL2 as soon as I received confirmation from amazon.com confirming the sale of the GL2. Soon after responding I would receive another email  that looked as if it originated from amazon.com, I believe this is called phishing, stating that my camera had been sold and to ship it to some person in Nigeria. Whenever I receive a sale confirmation email from amazon.com I log into my account at amazon.com to verify the legitimacy of the email and each time the camera was still listed as not sold and there was not any money transfered into my amazon.com account. At this point I was certain that the confirmation emails from amazon.com were fraudulent and I was being scammed."

The above photo is from the always excellent 419Eater.

-CGP fo Life-


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