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January 30, 2003

Micorshaft gets slammed!

You have to be a moron to:
A) Run a Microsoft webserver
B) Run your CRUCIAL SQL database servers with direct internet connectivity
C) Forget to install a security update from last July
D) All of the above and BE Microsoft!

Thats right kiddies, Micro$oft didnt install their own patch on some of their servers! Slammer took them down like the bitch they are.

January 29, 2003

Happy Birth Day Ari!

January 28, 2003

New G4's!

Apple announces new G4 towers! More info later....

January 27, 2003

Lord Of The Rings Bogart Style

Well worth checking out.


In a Bogart kinda way!


Some Shameless Self Promotion

Former DJ Guy Oldhams will be playing Spundae at Circus Nightclub on Feb 8th, if anyone would like to come along then please let me know I will sort out the guest list, come along and see how this former DJ can still spins the tunes!! See the flyer at the link above, it's at the Circus Nightclub on Santa Monica Blvd, or see flyer for actual address. Will be playing between 9PM-4AM so come early.

Hope to see you there.



State of the union.....not good

Saw this damn funny video about the real state of the union.

January 26, 2003

Forty-Two to be updated soon

According to this post Forty-Two (remember this?) is set to be updated very soon.
"forty-two no longer uses the term. We have implemented our threaded slave app, threadSlave to control the engines and status updates. It has been re-coded, along with the core engines, not to suck up too much cpu from the encoders."
And the AC3 problem is fixed as well.
-CGP fo Life-

CGP RSS feeds

CapsGetPeeled now offers RSS feeds!. Just add that url to your favorite RSS reader and get a nice quickview of the site. My favorite OS X RSS apps are:
-CGP fo Life-


According to The Register Anyone can register a .mil address! Fisrt person to register Capsgetpeeled.com gets a prize (FBI at your door maybe?). Anyways I heard theres a football game on today or something =)
-CGP fo Life-

Everyone Loves Guinness


January 25, 2003

weblogs.com and blo.gs

Caps Get Peeled is now being listed on weblogs.com and blo.gs

-CGP fo life-

Buy us a Moller Skycar!

I know our readers have been asking "How can we give back to Caps Get Peeled for the wonderfull service they provide us?" By buying us a Skycar of course! The prototype is going up on ebay starting Jan 31 so save up your cash!

DVD ripping

A new app has entered the mac dvd ripping and converting market.
Forty-Two can go straight from DVD to Divx, VCD, SVCD, or back to DVD. I know your thinking but what about the other 30 apps i normally use for this? Well toss em cause this app makes movies IN-SYNC! Even moives that change framerate mid-movie (Matrix, Blade 2, Princess Bride). It has full crop control and descent auto-crop. It can even rip and embed subtitles. OS X only (of course).

READ THE READ ME or this app will not work.
-CGP Fo Life-

January 24, 2003

Yet another useless fact from Ari....or is it?

The cocaine industry sells more than $100 Billion of product a year which makes it the #1 industry in the world. In other word Scarface is the man, and you should probably consider a new profession if you haven't already.

January 23, 2003

Ari's Useless Facts

The average person during his or her lifetime will spend a total of two weeks sucking face.

January 22, 2003



Representing for the Westside FAQ

This will be a full FAQ for those unfamilliar with Westside Representation. Full Instructions and pictures to follow.

We'll start this FAQ with some quick Defenetions:

  • Westside [adj.] Of the western part of a city.

  • Represent [v.] To be the result of (something) or to be (something)

  • Representing for the Westside [v. lit.] To be of the western part of a city. [v. fig.] To hold down for one's crown. To to flex and floss your crew to the maximum. To be illin chil and fresh, while macking all the fly hoes.

Some alternate phrases:

  • Reppin' the westside.
  • Thowin' up the 'W'
  • Representation
  • Westsiiiiiide!

    Now for beginers, you don't want to rush into Westside Representation all willy-nlly before you have the knowlledge and the skill to properly Represent. Rushing into Representation can lead to injury, and embarassment - which we all know is a big Westside no-no.

    The first rule in Representing the Westside is what experienced provayers of the Westside like to call "Throwing up the W's" This involves a hand gesture in where you hide your thumb bahind your palm, then cross your middle and ring fingers while extending your index and pinky fingers thus creating a glorious "W" gesture. Make sure if you are just begining that you do not try and "Rep' 'da Westide to the fullest extent" as this could lead to strain injuries. Practice throwing up the "W" at least 3 times a day, being sure not to over do it in the first few days.

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