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February 28, 2003

Matrix game videos

Shiny Entertainment has finally released some in game footage of the upcoming Matrix game. The game is coming to PC, Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube. From the look of video the Bullet Time stuff looks really cool but the camera and the running animations need a lot of work. Who knows until we try it.
"Red pill? Dont you have a white one that says Vicodin on it instead?"
-CGP fo Life-

February 27, 2003

Nuttin but a G thang

I may never be able to afford their clothes, but i can certainly appreciate Gucci's new ad campaign.

Oh wont you be my neighbor, in the grave?

The sweater man, Mister Rogers, has died. No more trips on the choo-choo to the puppet palace. My fondest memories of his show were the break-dancing episodes and the trip to the Crayola factory, seeing all those crayons was like seeing Valhalla to a 6 year old. It's not a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

February 26, 2003

Smelly Clothes, on Purpose.

While we're on the subject of clothes, British scientists have found a way to make clothes with embedded scents! From the site:

"The technology, called Sensory Perception Technologies (SPT), will allow firms to weave particles of moisturisers, deodorants, fragrances and even anti-tobacco agents into fabrics."

So next time you smell the homeless guy sleeping behind your garage, don't tell him to shower, after all his clothes might have been made to smell like shit.
-CGP fo Life-

A Candy Kid's Wet Dream

Luminex makes clothes that dont just glow they actually emit light. I can just see the hundreds of e-tards in the desert wearing this stuff.

February 25, 2003

iScrobbler Released!

iScrobbler has been released to the public. The iTunes based AudioScrobbler client works very well and looks slick. Here a description stolen straight from the homepage:

"iScrobbler is an application for Mac OS X that creates a simple menu extra that submits your "currently playing" info from iTunes to AudioScrobbler. AudioScrobbler is a project similar to the CDNow project that suggests music you might like based on what other people's interests. The difference is that while CDNow makes suggestions based on what people buy, AudioScrobbler makes suggestions based on what people are actually listening to. Also, AudioScrobbler is a non-commercial project. AudioScrobbler submissions are also possible through a plugin for Winamp2, and XMMS."

-CGP for life-

February 23, 2003

The Newschool Shortbus

This is just wrong in so many ways.

-CGP fo Life-

Email a 40+gb file?

After stumbling onto an old friend's blog, I discovered a response to the MPAA's claim about how easy it is for people to email a 40+gb copy of an HDTV broadcast.

February 22, 2003

Widget overload?

Konfabulator has spawned about a million (or 129 as of this writing) widgets. From the absolutely useless IP Serializer, which turns your IP address into a barcode (how 1984). To the still-absolutly-useless-but-kinda-cool-in-a-useless-way PowerMate Mail which flashes your Griffin Powermate (which itself goes in the useless-but-cool category) whenever you have unread mail. Although I guess that is applescriptable.

But what really caught my eye was the description for Widget Junkie:
"UPDATE::::Version 1.2 is arrival.

Is it Widget Junky?
That's right all the members.

This is Widget for acquiring the registration information on NEW Widget.
To the full, please pursue your favorite Widget."

Talk about engrish! This is an exact quote from the Konfabulator Gallery.
-CGP fo Life-

February 21, 2003

Turn off the G4 I Cant Hear You!

Apple has finally decided to recognize the extreme noise that the Mirror Disk Drive G4's make. Order a kit (new power supply and fan) and install yourself, or take it to your local Apple Authorized service department and pay them to do it. The kit is free but shipping and "handling" is $20.
-CGP fo Life-

GamerAnger 3.2 and Premium Service

GamerAnger 3.2 has been released and along with it a Premium service has been announced. $50 gets you a whole bunch of chat features that are pretty useless and I am still going to buy it. The app has been 100% free since it's inception and the premium service allows it to stay that way for everyone who chooses not to pay, and thats a good thing. Evill has to pay for servers and bandwidth, not to mention pay his own bills and feed his massive Guinness habit.

February 20, 2003

MechAssault and Splinter Cell Xbox Live updates

The first of (hopefully) many MechAssault updates on Xbox live is now available! Stolen from PlanetXbox.com: "Well it's finally here at last, the downloadable content for MechAssault. Released today by Microsoft and Day 1 Studios, the new content, as reported before, includes the all-new "Hells Kitchen" environment, and two new mechs: the Raven and Corvus. "Hells Kitchen" supports all five gameplay types: Destruction, Team Destruction, Last Man Standing, Team Last Man Standing and Not It, and is the first of two set to appear. In the coming weeks the "Stone Cold" map will be added. To download the new content, simply go online via Xbox Live with MechAssault."

PlanetXbox is also reporting that the first Splinter Cell download will be available March 14th. "Just a few minutes ago, Ubi Soft sent us over official word on the upcoming Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Xbox Live downloadable content. First revealed at the developer chat sometime ago, Ubi Soft stated today that the new mission, called "Kola Cell", will be available for downloading via Xbox Live on March 14th."
-CGP fo Life-

February 19, 2003

MovableType 2.62

MovableType 2.6, in all it's wonderful goodness, has a security flaw and must be updated to 2.62 to avoid any problems. I've updated CGP without anything funky that I can see, but as always please email me if you have troubles (broken links, missing graphics, ect.).
-CGP fo Life-

Micro$oft to by Connectix?

According to this article Micro$oft is looking to buy Connectix. Yes thats right, Micro$oft needs Ramdoubler. If this happens will VirtualPC Mac go the way of Virtual Gamestation (Connectix sold VGS to Sony who then killed it off)? Or maybe they will work on it so it's actually usable under OS X?

February 16, 2003

Switch for the Porn! Dave Chappelle's Apple Switch Parody

Dave Chappelle has done a parody of Apple's Switch campaign. Switch for the Porn is by far one of the best I have have seen, too bad it's in RealPlayer.

Holy new software updates batman!

Apple brings the Duece-Duece
First they give us a new Safari , and then Mac OS X 10.2.4. Stupid update moves and replaces your httpd.conf (Apache Config). If they can write an OS I don't see why they cant figure how to add a line to an existing text file.

Movable Type hits 2.6
The software that runs this blog (and like a million others) MovableType has been updated to version 2.6. There is also a Pro version ($) that might be useful to blogs that actually have readers (unlike here). I have updated this site to the new version, and to my amazement (and I'm sure yours as well) I don't think I screwed anything up. If you find any broken links or errors please let me know.

Kismac 0.03c
Everyones favorite wireless scanner Kismac has gotten a big update.

Forty-Two 1.5
The best DVD ripper/encoder for OS X has been updated to 1.5, check out the Forty-Two website for details and downloads.

February 14, 2003

CapsGetPeeled Beta Konfabulator widget released!

I have hacked together a cheesy Konfabulator widget to grab RSS feeds from this blog and place them on your desktop. Or grab RSS from anywhere else. I stole the code and 99% of the graphics. Give it a try.

February 12, 2003

Overburn CD's on Mac OS X

Ever had a 708mb file and only 700mb cd's? Overburning is supported by most modern burners but not by Toast or Apple's Disc Burner. Not drag-and-drop easy but you also dont need to be a 31337 IRS-D Base k3Rn4L haxor.

February 10, 2003

Video of Invisibility Cloak!

Remember this cloak of invisibility? Well a CGP reader has passed us a video clip of it in action. Needless to say I WANT ONE!!!! I have re-compressed it down with Apple's MPEG4 so Quicktime 6 is most likely needed =).

Cloak of Invisibilty

February 9, 2003

Mike and Jess get engaged!

Michael (Halfie) has asked Jessica to marry him and although I have yet to hear it from her, she said yes! We at Caps Get Peeled wish them all the love and ass-punching in the world.


Arlo Rose returns!

Arlo Rose, one of the two developers that brought us Kaleidoscope for Mac OS 9, has a new product coming out. Konfabulator, set to be released tomorrow, looks pretty amazing.

According to MacOSZone
"Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your AirPort signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather."

Wow! Could this be the next Watson-like "Killer App", or will it be a poor cry for help like Sherlock 3?
-CGP fo Life-

February 8, 2003

KisMac updates

KisMac 0.03b has been released. It now supports Orinoco card, has a better Preferences window and a better Traffic window. The coolest part of this post is that I am posting this from my car on the 405 Freeway using some poor fools wireless internet for free, thanks to KisMac.

For those who don't know what the hell I'm rambling about. KisMac is a wireless "stumbler". It allows you to see who is broadcasting 802.11b (Airport) and gives you detailed info about that access point. It even features basic WEP cracking. People use applications like these for WarDriving/WarChalking.
-CGP fo Life-

PBZone gets an Apple employee fired

The PBZone has basically gone out of it's way to get an Apple Store employee fired.
I agree with the second story that PBZone showed no responsibility in what they did, even going so far as to list his name and address!!

February 7, 2003

Invisibility Cloak?

Noticed this gem on another blog. A japanese scientist claims to have invented an "Invisibility Cloak". Is it just me or does it look like he has a white jacket and a projector or what?

"The photograph was taken through a viewfinder that uses a combination of moving images taken behind the wearer to give a transparent effect."

Huh? So it's only sort-of invisible for cameras?
-CGP fo Life-

February 6, 2003

Dave Hyatt calls for Safari UI comments

Safari developer Dave Hyatt (Ex developer from Chimera) has put a post on his blog asking for GUI feedback. Let your opinion be heard! Tabbed browsing and an RSS ticker would be sweet. And The bookmark bar should never be the default, but who cares what I think. He promises to read all the comments on his blog and even trackbacks, so post here if ya want.
-CGP Fo Life-

February 5, 2003

Forty Two v1.02

Forty-Two has been updated again. Check out the site for details.

February 3, 2003



February 2, 2003

MechAssault Live updates

For all you MechAssault for Xbox Fans, the downloadable Mechs and Maps will be released as one big lump sometime soon.

Small bug in 42

A small bug has been found in Forty-Two. A new version will be up later today according to the developers.

February 1, 2003

The Answer is here!

Forty-Two has been updated to 1.0 and OMFG does it kick ass. The best Mac DVD to VCD/SVCD/DIVX/DVD-R app ever! Go grab it now before the MPAA finds out. READ the entire Read Me or it wont work.
-CGP fo life-

Represent for Columbia

I'd like to ask our readers to take a moment from representing for the westiside, and Rep for the Spaceshuttle Columbia. This is truely a sad thing. Peace be with them.
-CGP fo Life-

I love my bootleg DVD

A little strangeness gleaned from /. for those of you who love the bootleg DVD action (and you know who you are).

This site has some great screenshots of the random translations.

Quite nice.

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