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July 31, 2003

Fucking good Lawyer

Peter found a fucking great article on the fucking Smoking Gun called
'Motion to Dismiss:The Constitutionality of Fuck, "Fucker" and "Fucking Fag"'
Just go fucking read it you stupid fuck.
-CGP fo fuckin Life-

Descent: Freespace 1 & 2 for OS X

A post on theInside Mac Games Forums gives us an update on the status of Descent: Freespace 1 & 2 for Mac OS X. Mainly it says music/voices and fullscreen don't work but movies do. 3D audio and force-feedback are on the way. This is cool but what about Descent 3? My absolute favorite in the series and it has internet multiplayer. Too bad Scott never got off his lazy ass and finished GameRanger Support for it.
-CGP fo Life-

July 30, 2003

Glider Pro now Free

Now that Casady & Greene is gone, the rights to Glider Pro have reverted back to it's author, John Calhoun. He has decided to release it for free!!! from his website:

"Since Casady & Greene Inc. went bankrupt, the rights to the game Glider have reverted to me, the author. To that end, Glider PRO and Glider 4.0 are now free and I am giving them away for free download on this web page. Casady and Greene were a wonderful company and I am sorry to see them pass into Macintosh history."

Download it from his site and use GL3-445-557-08100 as the serial #.
-CGP fo Life-

July 29, 2003

Is the RIAA after you?

Are you scared you may be one of the thousands of P2P users that the RIAA may be sueing? Maybe your just paranoid, but why not check with the Electronic Frontier Foundation's handy website. Simply enter your IP address or P2P username and in seconds you will know if you need to find a lawyer or not.
-CGP fo Life-

Goodbye Fry

A quick check of the AdultSwim's schedule confirms that they are no longer showing Futurama reruns! If they touch the Family Guy I will hunt them down and force them to watch LifeTime TV for a week straight.
-CGP fo Life-

Puff you up

When a fish is 98% deadly, that's probably natures was of saying dont eat me. 3 Vietnamese people couldnt grasp that concept.
-CGP fo life-

Make Euro iPod's Louder

iPods sold in Europe are crippled in that they only put out about 75% of the volume that their US counterparts do (all ready too little). This is due to certain European contries (mainly France) capping the volume output of all portable electronic audio devices. This guy has figured out how to remove the cap and listen to the iPod at it's originally intended volume. Schweet.
-CGP fo Life-

Drive By Glass

Labock Tech have developed the utimate in Cap Peeling technology, one way bulletproof glass! One side stops bullets, the other side allows them to pass through, then the glass heals itself. Dont believe me? Watch the video (sorry it's in realplayer). Now you can take your kids on drive by's and feel confident that they wont be the ones gettin peeled on.
-CGP fo Life-

July 28, 2003

Spoke too Soon

Last week we brought you the news that Torrentse.cx had gone down, now it appears both TorrentReactor and ByteMonsoon have gone MIA as well. Is the BitTorrent scene being destroyed before it even had a chance to shine? Or are the user's wising up and taking it more underground? Wonder how long till Bittorent.kicks-ass.net get shut down too?
-CGP fo Life-

July 27, 2003

You So Krazy

Corey managed to get Krazy Glue in his eye! From the story:"As a side note, I'd like to say that wet Krazy Glue in the eye hurts like a motherf*#@%r. More on that later.". Sure, he is a dumbass for doing it, but you have got to respect that he told the world!
-CGP fo Life-

July 25, 2003

BuyMusic.com pretends it's Apple

I am sure you have all read the stories about BuyMusic.com and how much they are trying to be like the iTunes Music Store(IMS). The webpage looks exactly like the IMS but uglier. The commercials are an EXACT ripoff of the AppleMusic commercials, so much so that BeskOne's girlfriend (BeskTwo??? Beskpointfive????) thought they were apple commercials! They claim songs as low as 79, but EVERY song I looked for was 99. And now, the BuyMusic.com homepage wont even Mac users on the site to look around. How long till Apple Legal stomps on them a bit?
-CGP fo Life-

Smoke your Asprin

Next time you take a Bayer, you may want to turn on some Pink Floyd and light some incense. Bayer and GW Pharmaceuticals have developed Sativex, a THC (Marijuana's psychoactive chemical) based pain killer for multiple sclerosis. The drug is administered by spray bottle into the patients mouth. It's currently available in Europe and will soon be available in the UK. Bayer thinks they will pass FDA approvals for US sales within 3 years.
-CGP fo Life-

July 21, 2003

More DnB for the L.A. Massive!

Come Down on Aug. 9th to the Good Hurt in Los Angeles for a massive bass shakin evening of Deep Drum and Bass at Transmission 2.0! 9pm-2am - 21+ get your dance on to Kingpin with Vocals by Miss Wendy, along with the Transmission residents, Andrade, Besk one (ME!!), Mr. Bitter and Trox.

July 17, 2003

Watch out on BitTorrent

It looks as if the RIAA, MPAA, or some other governing body is actually looking on BitTorrent trackers. Torrentse.cx (not to be confused with goatse (which should be shut down)) Displays the following message on their homepage:
"The site torrentse.cx recieved a cease and desist letter during the day of Wednesday, July 16, 2003 for copyright infringement. The entire website has been removed and will not return."

At least TorrentReactor and ByteMonsoon are still up as of this writing.
-CGP fo Life-

July 14, 2003

Abuse Your Mac OS X

The Abuse-SDL project is an open-source port of Abuse to SDL. Abuse, for those who dont recall, was a side scrolling Alien shoot-em-up developed by Crack dot Com and ported to the mac by Bungie. SDL (or Simple Direct Layer) is a graphics and sound engine used by Unix (read: Mac OS X) and Linux mostly for games. SDL is the reason we have Unreal 2003. Speaking of which, the Mac port of America's Army is about to go gold, and should be available to download for free on their website soon.

-CGP fo Life-

July 12, 2003

Design Your Own iPod

The Self Design iPod Body Masks from TechReactions.com allow you to customize the whole look of your iPod and offer a little scratch protection. You design all your own graphics and print them out on the "special" film yourself. If someone with some design talent wants to make me a CapsGetPeeled iPod mask I will buy one for them and one for myself. The template is here.
-CGP fo Life-

Find free internet faster!

Kensington has introduced the first computer-less 802.11x network finder. It detects 802.11b and 802.11g, and according to the site it "Filters out other wireless signals, including cordless phones, microwave ovens and Bluetooth networks". Why can't any other company filter that shit out? Anyways, no pricing or availability is out yet, but I promise to talk to my Kensington rep soon.
-CGP fo Life-

July 11, 2003

Slurp it Up

Today marks the 74th anniversary of 7-11. To celebrate, they are giving away free slurpee's and some even have free food! I pass by 6 different 7-11's on my way to work so this morning I went to 3 of them and got my slurp on. I think I will hit up all six on my ride home.

Pee South
-CGP fo Life-

Amen Brotha!


July 5, 2003

Interesting G5 Notes

I know it's the holiday weekend but no one seemed to notice some really big things in the recently released PowerMac G5 Dev Note on Apple's website.

g5 spec 1
(From Page 16, Figure 1-2)
The G5 has external Airport and Bluetooth antenna ports! I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else before.

g5 spec 1
(From Page 25, Chapter 2)
Ram MUST be installed in pairs of the same size! My guess this is due to the fact that the ram is 64-bit but the memory bus is 128-bit, and therefor accesses 2 banks of memory at a time much like a RAID array does with hard drives. This is common in workstations and mainframes, and I am sure others have noticed this when trying to do a G5 BTO at Apple's online store.

g5 spec 1
(From Page 26, Chapter 2)
This means everyone who was hoping to keep using their old 4x AGP card is out of luck.

g5 spec 4
(From Page 27, Chapter 2)
No big surprise, these cards are rare and wouldn't fit in most modern computers.

Found anything I missed? Comment below.
-CGP fo Life-

Hack Your Mac...

This Security detail shows a simple way to defeat Mac OS x's(10.2) ScreenSaver Password protection. Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) adds password protection when waking from sleep but I don't know if that feature is vulnerable as well.
-CGP fo Life-

July 4, 2003

MOD-less Xbox Hack

Hack your X-box without a Modchip! Although I wouldnt go on X-Box Live if you do this.
-CGP fo Life-

July 1, 2003


-CGP fo Life-

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