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June 30, 2003

Your product sucks

Ever write a nasty letter to a company whose products you truly didn't like? I'll bet it wasn't as funny as this one written to Carb Solutions about their "Taste Sensations".
-CGP fo Life-

June 29, 2003

Crazy German Glow Discs

Those insane germans at LuminousDisk.com must have LOVED the 80's.
-CGP fo Life-

Sun Acquires Pixo

Sun Microsystems, the company behind Java, Solaris, and a whole mess of other stuff, has acquired Pixo Inc.. Pixo is the company responsible for every version of the iPod OS so far. I wonder how this will pan out...
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June 24, 2003

G5 Xserve Case

The cases to the G5 xServe's have been spotted:
-CGP fo Life-

Delorean is Back

DMC is back and making replacement parts for the Delorean. First up is the new G5 Radiator:

Norelco G5

The closest, cleanest, 64-bit shaver in the world.
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Crazy Prototype G5 Pics!

to think of all the wonderous things that never make their way out of the cupertino campus - peep this prototype G5 enclosure, looks like Apple may be looking east to Sony for design ideas!


what will the boys in Apple Industrial design think of next??

June 23, 2003

Holy WWDC Goodness Batman

Steve-o did his vegan-voodoo today and gave us what we all want. FAST machines at a decent price point, but DAMN are they ugly. Is Johnathan Ives dead? Did Steve lock him in Gill Amelio's dungeon with all the unsold eMac's? Did a Sub-Zero fridge rape a Mirror Door G4 with a mesh condom? But who cares how it looks, It's FREAKIN FAST.

The iSight looks really cool and tiny, but $149 is a little high seeing that most other FireWire Webcam's are $99. I'm still gonna buy one, but at $99 Apple would sell a shitload more.

Safari 1.0 came out and now Apple will actually ship it with machines. Considering that 56% of this site's readers use Safari, thats a good thing.

Now my Dual 800 G4 is useless =)
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June 22, 2003

Waiting sucks

WWDC is about 12 hours away and the anticipation to see what the G5 is gonna look like is killing me. If no g5 comes out, or it doesn't live up the the "specs" posted below a TON of people are gonna get pissed. No matter what happens tomorrow expect Apple's stock to drop, as it does any time the company does anything. All we can do is wait and drink. And drink I will!
-CGP fo Life-

DVD to DVD-R and more

I get a ton of email asking how to convert DVD's to DVD-R's or SVCD on Mac OS X, and I answer as many as I can but here is a site with up to date simple instructions on how to do:
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June 20, 2003

G5 Specs?


According to ThinkSecret, Slashdot, MacNN, and a whole mess of others, the above picture was accidentally posted to Apple's website at midnight last night. This would be fuckin killer if true.
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June 19, 2003

Leave Me Alone

Too busy playing Unreal Tournament 2003. You should be too.

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June 18, 2003

Another Quake 3 X build

Graeme is at it again, and there is a new "fixed" build of Quake 3 for Mac OS X on the id FTP servers. He said:
"One copy of gcc 3.3 later, it's back online."...
"Let's try this again with a less buggy compiler... We've been battling gcc 3.1 to produce code that runs (no problems in 2.95). It's not weird C code, it doesn't get much cleaner than the Quake3 codebase. I love technology."

-CGP fo Life-

Mac OS 7.5.3 on an iPaq

Yes, that IS Mac OS 7.5.3 booting on a Compaq iPaq! This guy installed Linux on his iPaq, then Basilisk (a 68k mac emulator for linux), Mac OS 7.5.3, and even the Japanese language packs! Use BabelFish to translate the Japanese into shiny happy fun fun cloud Engrish.
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June 17, 2003

New Quake 3 X

Graeme Devine has updated his .plan with the following:
"There's a new build of Quake3 for Mac OS X on the id ftp server. This is for 10.2 or later only. This version fixes support for certain add in audio sound cards, adds a brand new ppc QVM compiler, and "tada" adds Altivec code to aid MD3 rendering. Thanks go to Apple and especially Ken Dyke over there for making this happen."

Download it here
Now I can finally play with my M-Audio Revolution 7.1 audio card!
-CGP fo Life-

NWN BitTorrent

Here is a BitTorrent Neverwinter nights demo link
-CGP fo Life-

Just another Iraqi in the wall

According to this MSNBC article, an Iraqi man has been living in the walls of his home for 22 years! The few family members who knew where he was fed him through holes in the wall. Over the 22 years he lost all of his teeth and only came out twice, both times to fix the wall that protected him from Saddam.

-CGP fo Life-

Neverwinter Nights Tech Demo

As promised yesteraday, the Mac Tech Demo of Neverwinter Nights is available here, and here. What we really need is a BitTorrent mirror for this 240mb monstrosity.
-CGP fo Life-

June 16, 2003

Mac NeverwinterNights Demo

According to InsideMacGames.com the Mac tech demo for Neverwinter Nights comes out tomorrow. Produced by BioWare and published for the mac by MacSoft, NeverwinterNights is a D&D nerds wet-dream, which is sadly the only one they will ever have.
-CGP fo Life-

June 15, 2003

Blog Tycoon

Holy crap! Without even trying, My BlogShares account has gone from $5,000, to $360,807.39! Maybe it's because this blog's value went from $8.15 per share yesterday to $121.08 per share today! I may not be a Millionaire like abracapocus.org but it's still fun to watch. Maybe I should issue a split. Advice?
-CGP fo Life-

Fly me to the Moon

FlyMan is a really cool flash game. Your a guy who can fly, and the goal is to get to the top, but it's way more fun to interact with the things you fly by.


-CGP fo Life-

June 14, 2003

Canada safe for Dwarf Tossing

Gotta love those Canadians, first they basically legalize Marijuana, and now they denied a bill that would make Dwarf tossing contests illegal. The argument that won them over was that drawfs need jobs too!

-CGP fo Life-

Pure Screwing Satisfaction

Double your pleasure, Double your size!! Wrigley Gum has recieved a patent for Viagra Gum. Now Big Red will give you a "big red".

-CGP fo Life-

June 13, 2003

We inturrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

Somebody is sooooo getting fired in Ohio today.... A local CBS affiliate was in the middle of airing family prime-time programing and cut to a stunning clip of their local news anchor-woman flashing all of Ohio what we hear may be the new state bird. She wasn't repping for the Westside, but it's a gangster move nonetheless!

video is here.

Bush Fall, Go Boom


The "Man" who is in charge of our country, managed to fall off a SEGWAY! The scooter designed specifically so that people can't fall off.
"Let's Roll"...over the handlebars and onto the concrete

-CGP fo Life-

X all you can X

Unxmaal notes a Netcraft article saying that www.Army.mil has switched to Mac OS X. They switched to Webstar under Mac OS 9 in 1999 after suffering serious attacks on their web servers. The article also point out that Apple has switched their Knowledge Base servers over to Solaris.

-CGP fo Life-

Now Thats Bandwidth!

Those crazy germans at Infineon have announced VDSL Plus. A swastika spinning 150Mbit/sec over regular phone lines (up to 1000ft)! And 4mbit for up to 13k ft!. Schnitzel, Beer, and Bandwidth, Germany here I come!

-CGP fo Life-

Test Halo

Do you love Halo and live in Texas? Well if so, climb off your horse, put down the lasso, and take off your klan hood, because GearBox software needs you. They are asking people to come down and play the new net-ready PC verson of Halo. You get free food and a copy of Halo when it ships as well.
-CGP fo Life-

June 11, 2003

Rotten Core

CoreCrib (mentioned here and here), the company Repackaging/Reselling old Apple logic boards in new cases, is no longer in business. Just as I said, Apple came down on their parts supplier, Small Dog, since Apple Authorized repair facilities are not allowed to resell parts, especially not to another company who isn't in any way Apple authorized.

From their site:
" The Bad News: Our distributor was under contract to not sell the Apple components we reply on for our business. The supplier was unaware of the stipulation when we originally started our business agreements. Now that the facts are clear, they are under legal pressure to stop immediately and perminately the sales of Apple components to CoreComputers.

The Good News: We are actively searching for new suppliers which are not under agreements that restrict the sales and have a very good lead that may provide short term and long term supplies for current orders and new orders of both the CoreCrib and the CoreBox. "

-CGP fo Life-

June 10, 2003

Kano Loses, FATALITY

Trevor Goddard (a.k.a. Kano from the Mortal Kombat movie) died of "possible suicide by an overdose of as-yet unknown "illicit, illegal" drugs" on sunday. He is also going to be in the upcoming Pirates of the Carribean movie.

blah blah 970 blah

Everyone and their Mom are talking about PPC 970's thanks to eWeek.

-CGP fo Life-

Oh look, even more!

June 9, 2003


The Japanese are obsessed with gambling. From Pachinko, to slots, to human-hunting, anything that can be bet on is popular in Japan. To help keep the Casino's sort of honest, the government reqiures them to change slot machines every 6 months. Luckily for us round-eye, that means shipping old slot machines to non-SARS infested countries for dirt cheap prices! Bidz.com appears to be the place to go for lots of them. My only problem is the no shippinng to Cali. But I can always ship it to my grandparents house in Vegas.

This is the one I want to buy

-CGP fo Life-

June 8, 2003

Motorola Marco

A friend found a Motorola Marco on ebay! This VERY VERY rare PDA was first used internally at all Motorola Facilities starting in 1992. It had Radio Frequency wireless, some early cell phone tech wireless, as well as an IR and DB-15 Port. It runs the newton OS and as far as I can remember was basically a newton with a bigger screen, weighs 2 POUNDS, and the wireless stuff. As a side note, many people have figured out how to get Newton's with PC card slots on 802.11 networks.
-CGP fo Life-

June 7, 2003


I know Grand Theft Auto 2 was a fun game, but $1,500 USD??????

June 6, 2003

iTunes 4.0.1 Sharing

iCommune is now offering 401(ok) a "quick and dirty hack to allow iTunes 4.0.1 to share music beyond your local network". Quick and Dirty? sounds like our kinda app!

In related iTunes info, LostBoi.com has detailed instructions for using DNS redirection and other fun stuff to share your iTunes 4.0.1 music.
-CGP fo Life-

June 5, 2003

What a WASTE

Has anyone gotten the WASTE source to compile on Mac OS X? It has a Makefile.darwin so i thought "gcc makefile.darwin" would work but it says "Bad Magic Number. Not a Mach O file" so I assume it's X86 assembly??? I really dont know this stuff.

Gentoo goes PPC crazy

Gentoo, the new "in" Linux distro, loves us Mac people.

Monday they released Gentoo Live PPC CD - a bootable Linux CD that should work on most modern macs. It features:
*Custom PPC kernel (2.4.21-r1) with G4 AltiVec support
*Latest Mac-On-Linux emulator (run MacOS X in a window)
*Gentoo Compressed Loop 2GB live filesystem
*Xfree 4.3 (DRM) with either Gnome2.2.1/Metacity/Openbox or KDE3.1.2
and more

Then yesterday they announced Mac OS X support for Portage. Portage is a package manager/installer (think Fink) and that means more free software for Mac OS X.

-CGP fo Life-

Shout out for Surpass

Our new host, Surpass Hosting pretty much rocks. They are cheap, they are quick, and they offer live support over AIM. Speeds seem reasonable and we've yet to see any downtime. They dont have telnet access and charge $20 for ssh access (which is not clear on their website) but they have been very very helpfull with getting this place up and running.
-CGP fo Life-

June 4, 2003

Adios Handspring

In a move that I think isn't good for anyone, Palm has announced it's intentions to acquire Handspring. Palm has been struggling for years and this looks like a last ditch effort. The only hope I see for them at this point is if Sony buys out the Palm OS for exclusive use in the Clie's, but I doubt that will happen due to Sony's new love for Symbian. Handspring made some great products, and Windows CE blows, but lets face it, NOTHING will ever be as cool as Newton was.

-CGP fo Life-

Another iPod Battery Source

PDASmart is now selling replacement battery's for the old iPods. They sell for $59, the same as at LaptopsForLess but it's always nice to have another source.
-CGP fo Life-

June 3, 2003

What OS are You?

Saw this on Abracapocus
Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

That's Unreal

I pre-ordered Unreal Tournament 2003 from MacSoft today. Ryan Gordan has worked his ass off on what appears to be a wonderfull port (Over 6 million changes to the PC code). He is also doing the mac port of America's Army the free UT 2k3 based Realism Shooter. Support Ryan and MacSoft and buy the damn game.

In other mac game news, Postal 2 is coming to the mac. I LOVED Postal 1. Epsecially with the add-on packs. This new one uses an Unreal engine and so it actually looks decent.

-CGP fo Life-

June 1, 2003

Goodbye Cassie

My dog Cassius was put to sleep today. She had a heart defect that we just discovered 2 weeks ago. She was very young and the sweetest dog you ever met. There will probably be no other posts today as I am pretty depressed.
-CGP fo Life-

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