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November 24, 2004

Discount Caskets?

I was looking around on Costco.com yesterday, and right there on the front page is a listing for caskets. Ranging anywhere from $1500 to $4600, the caskets will be delivered to your funeral home of choice within 3 business days. They even have a nifty FAQ explaining why they carry caskets.

I wonder if they are subject to Costco's Satisfaction Guarantee??

-CGP fo Life-

Watson is free (but still dead)!

According to Karelia's blog Watson is now free, if you can find it.

"So ... as of today, Watson (bumps and bruises and all, but still in decent shape) is now freely available. But the catch is, we can't make a new version that doesn't require entering a registration code; we don't have the source to Watson anymore. But we can give out a registration code that anybody is welcome to use.

So here's the deal. Get a copy of Watson from a friend, or look for it somewhere on the Internet, as Karelia can't provide it directly......... Then launch it and choose "Register Watson..." under the "Watson" menu.
* Enter your name and (optionally) your organization.
* In the E-mail address field, enter:
* And in the Registration field, enter:

Not all the plugins still work, but this was an amazing tool that should never be forgotten.

-CGP fo Life-

November 18, 2004

Portable Peltier Beer Cooler


Solving the age old problem of keeping beer cold on a hot day, Řyvind Arnesen built himself a portable peltier beer cooler. Battery, or power-over-ethernet powered, this cup keeps a glass of Guinness at about 7°C.

-CGP fo Life-

November 17, 2004

The Grey Video

Remember DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album? It was a full remix of Jay-Z's Black Album, and the Beatles White Album. Well Dangermouse is back, and this time he's made a video mashup of one of the songs from the Grey Album. Grab it before the lawyers go nuts.

-CGP fo Life-

November 16, 2004

Jumbotron on Ebay


More proof that people will sell anything on ebay (or at least try to).
For just $10k you can own the University of Iowa's Scoreboard and Jumbotron. If you win this auction you better invite our staff over for Superbowl!

-CGP fo Life-

November 9, 2004

A Warm Fuzzy Sandra Collins Snuggle!

More proof that people (Besk one™) will shamelessly sell and suckers errr, savy consumers that know a good deal when they see one (you) will buy anything on eBay...

Wittness the DJ Sandra Collins Sense of humor auction - beacuse apparently she finds me not so funny :P

Go forth, peep the link HERE then bid, bid like the wind and make me rich!!

November 8, 2004

A Use For a Mac Plus?

Found on Flickr. I have soo many Mac Plus's and SE's sitting around. Maybe I can build a ragga ghetto blaster.

-CGP fo Life-

November 5, 2004

Dear Red States,

Dear Red States,
Thanks a million!
-CGP fo Life-

November 3, 2004

iPodDownload 1.1

Remember iPod Download? The iTunes plugin that let you freely transfer songs to an iPod directly from within iTunes? Apple sent them a cease and desist and rendered version 1 incompatable with the most recent version of iTunes. A fixed version (1.1) has leaked out and you can download it here.

-CGP fo Life-

Poor Cube

This photo from flickr shows why you should never buy a glass desk.

-CGP fo Life-

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