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December 18, 2004

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from everyone here at CapsGetPeeled. We're off to a small tropical country where hookers are legal and the liquor flows freely. You know, a traditional christmas.

-CGP fo Life-

December 14, 2004



James Clar made this flexible LED material.

"A flexible LED display developed to be imbedded on a dress for the Milan Triennial 2005."

Check out the movie of this stuff in action!

-CGP fo Life-

December 9, 2004

The Zoomquilt


MoshDaddy pointed out this really cool and trippy interactive flash movie. It's the work of a couple different artists, all intertwined on a loop that you can endlessly zoom in and out on. Since that description does it absolutely no justice just go check it out. It would make a killer Mac OS X screensaver.

-CGP fo Life-

December 6, 2004

Help the Homeless

Dont forget the homeless during the holidays! (Stolen from here).

-CGP fo Life-

December 1, 2004

Your Computer Wants Some E


If Crucial get's their way, your PC will soon be sucking on a pacifier and waving glowsticks like a madman. They have added blinking LED's to some of their ram chips.

"Ballistix Tracer memory features two rows of eight "chasing" red and green LEDs atop the module, indicating memory activity by circulating at varying speeds. A custom-designed circuit relays bus activity to the LEDs, allowing them to accurately reflect usage of each memory module. In addition, eight blue ground effects LEDs emit a constant glow near the pins. "

The chips are on black PCB's and have black heat spreaders.

-CGP fo Life-

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