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February 28, 2005

UK Drug Garden


"Cannabis, opium poppies, magic mushrooms and coca - the source of cocaine - all feature at the centuries-old Alnwick Garden."

The Duchess of Northumberland's Poison Garden is now open, and although visitors will be escorted by marshals during their visit, I cant imagine any of it staying put too long.....

-CGP fo Life-

February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Commits Suicide


The pioneer of "Gonzo Journalism" Hunter S. Thompson killed himself yesterday

"Thompson was found dead Sunday in his Aspen-area home of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, sheriff's officials said. He was 67. Thompson's wife, Anita, had gone out before the shooting and was not home at the time. His son, Juan, found the body.
Thompson "took his life with a gunshot to the head," the wife and son said in a statement released to the Aspen Daily News. The statement asked for privacy for Thompson's family and, using the Latin term for Earth, added, "He stomped terra.""

A twisted brilliant mind has been lost.

"Hey look over there, there's two women fucking a polar bear"

-CGP fo Life-

February 18, 2005

US Soldiers given Ecstacy!


The US food and Drug Administration has given approval for giving US soldiers MDMA (the physcoactive ingredient in ecstacy) to treat post-traumatic stress disorder

"Scientists behind the trial in South Carolina think the feelings of emotional closeness reported by those taking the drug could help the soldiers talk about their experiences to therapists. Several victims of rape and sexual abuse with post-traumatic stress disorder, for whom existing treatments are ineffective, have been given MDMA since the research began last year."

Most Soldiers already have glowsticks in their emergency kit, no word on if pacifiers will be added as well.

-CGP fo Life-

February 17, 2005

Theif Caught by WebCam


After getting robbed once, this crafty Britt setup a webcam with motion detection software, and caught the thief when he returned to rob the guy again. The thief took the PC, but since the images were being uploaded online, police were able to use the photo's to prosecute and convict the criminal.

"This man's name is Ben Park. He broke in to my flat in the South of Cambridge on Friday 4th February 2005. I had a video camera with motion detection software set up on my computer. It captured these images of him.

The police identified him from the photos, and on 15th February 2005, he was sentenced to 11 months in prison by Cambridge Magistrates' Court. The police tell me that he is a career burglar, and has been in prison for burglary twice before. He should have been dealt with by the Crown Court, and received a much longer sentence. There is something very wrong with a justice system that permits a repeat offender like this to get away with such a light sentence. "

-CGP fo Life-

February 8, 2005

Chappelle Show Season 2 DVD Delayed

Rushing out to buy Chappelle Show Season 2 DVD today??? Don't bother, because it wont be there! The release has been pushed to May 24th. Industry people (this homeless guy I know who lives outside Paramount studios) blame it on the production delay of season 3 for Comedy Central.

-CGP fo Life-

February 4, 2005

Bubble Sculpture


MocoLoco has a link to this really trippy sculpture. It appears to be a tower of some kind of liquid, with some controllable air-bubble makers in the bottom. Be sure to check out the low quality, and badly edited video.

-CGP fo Life-

February 3, 2005

Pop'n and Lock'n in the Rain


VW's new Golf GTi commercial is a must see. A video remix of Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain breakdance edition.

-CGP fo Life-

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