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March 22, 2005

PyMusique Strikes Back

Not too long after PyMusique was released, Apple "fixed" the hole by requiring customers to use iTunes 4.7. It's been 3 days and DVD Jon has already reversed engineered the 4.7 encryption and has updated PyMusique to work again. How long till Apple fixes it again?

-CGP fo Life-

March 18, 2005

iTunes Store Songs Sans DRM

DVD Jon iTunes Jon has struck Apple again (mirror here), this time it's called Pymusique. Basically it lets you buy songs (or redownload already purchased songs) from the iTunes store without any DRM or restrictions. While it breaks Apple's terms of service, it probably is legal, but you can be sure Apple's gonna fix this hole soon.

-CGP fo Life-

March 17, 2005

Drug Paraphernalia For Charity?

Have you ever wanted to own lab glass from Dr. Alexander Shulgin? How about blotter acid signed by Timothy Leary? Or maybe some LSD blotter art signed by Annie Sprinkle's nipple (pictured below)?


M.A.P.S. (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is doing a charity auction to raise some money. M.A.P.S. helps companies to gain approval for testing psycoactive substances, and is one of the few organizations trying to give the government a reality check.

"MAPS is a membership-based research and educational organization focused on the development of medical, therapeutic, spiritual, and creative uses of psychedelic drugs, MDMA (ecstasy), and marijuana. MAPS helps researchers to design, obtain governmental approval for, fund, conduct and report on psychedelic and marijuana research."

Give them all your money you stoner.

-CGP fo Life-

Search Engine Ransom Notes

In todays busy world, what kidnapper has time to cut out and paste individual letters to a ransom note. Hasn't technology progressed beyond that yet? Yes it has!

Spell With Flickr uses photo's from Flickr to make your words.

Web of Letters does the same but using Yahoo! Image Search

And lastly theres AmazType. Put in your favorite book, musician, or dvd, and using images that match that name on Amazon it builds the requested word. Check em out.

-CGP fo Life-

March 14, 2005



One of my biggest pet-peeves on the internet is movies or trailers that are view only, and don't let you save them to your drive. There are almost always ways to trick your browser into downloading them, but they take a lot more effort than some cheesy trailer is usually worth. Enter iGetMovies (warning: french website). A free application made in Applescript studio, it copies the movie from quicktime's cache and saves it as a viewable quicktime movie on your desktop. This works for any quicktime movie in Safari or on the iTunes store.

-CGP fo Life-

3.5" Drive connected to an iPod


What do you when your iPod hard drive takes a dump??? If your anything like this guy, then you hand build an ATA cable to connect a 3.5" hard drive to your iPod. Definitely not for the solder-unfriendly, but having a 250gb iPod on my desk would be damn cool.

-CGP fo Life-

March 7, 2005

G5 Clock

This swedish guy found a use for the cheese-grater front of the G5 tower. His site is in swedish, but here's a translation.

-CGP fo Life-

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