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April 17, 2005

Mac Mini Car-puter project!


Remember that old ass post, about psycho ass Besk one™, installing a touchscreen and a mac into his new Scion xB? Remember how that lame bitch ass promised pictures and a write-up and totally flaked out?

Well that's because I suck, no... it's because I hate you, that's right...

Not really, but I did recently upgrade the setup, with a little fabrication help from B-Money over at Autorama with a new Mac Mini 1.42Ghz, 512mb/80gb/Airport & Bluetooth - and this time, there are lots of pictures and an extended writeup after the jump!

So here's the basic setup:

1. 7" Lilliput XGA Touch-screen
2. Mac Mini 1.42Ghz 512mb/80gb/ComboDrive/Airport/Bluetooth
3. 175 Watt DC - AC Inverter
4. 3x 10' USB Extension Cables
5. 10' VGA Extension Cable
6. 4 Port Self Powered USB Hub
7. 15' RCA Cable

So, I removed the factory Double-Din headunit, and mounted the screen where the headunit was. Next I put in a Clarion single din headunit, in the small storage compartment, under the Climate controls.

Mac Mini got violated with holes, to secure the unit to the mounting bracket - and then all the cables were run under the carpet.

The power inverter shares the battery connection with my Kicker 550.3 amp - Car turns off, Car-Puter stays on!

Mac Mini is hooked to the headunit with a Mini-Jack to RCA adapter.

I custom wired a PowerBook G4 Titanium Power Button, 12' of wire and the connector for the Mac Mini power button, so I can turn the computer on from a switch on my dash.

That's pretty much it, I could go into more detail... but I won't, becaue you suck and are not worthy of my l33T h@x0R 3Xpl0itS!

Here come the pictures:

Peace Bitches!

April 13, 2005


NowThatsFuckedUp has gotten their grubby little hands on some camera-phone pic's stolen from the always ass-tacular Vida Guerra. You may recognize this large-and-in-charge rump from The Chappelle Show or FHM. That pirate treasure is so sweet it would make Sir Mix-A-Lot cry.

-CGP fo Life-

Pope Graffiti

Found this on Dan Dickinson's blog. What more needs to be said after this?

-CGP fo Life-

April 12, 2005



Looks like Asahi has created the worlds coolest mini-fridge. This mini-fridge has a 12.1" screen mounted on the front and a built in DVD player. but of course there's a catch. According to Gizmodo it's not availble for purchase, only as a prize in a contest. Perfect for every dormroom, bedroom, bathroom, closet, or in my car. Imagine the drinking games one could play with a few friends.....

-CGP fo Life-

April 1, 2005

BBC Requests Interview With Bob Marley.......24 Years Late


Someone at the BBC is smoking a little too much ganja.

"BBC Three, one of the public broadcaster's digital TV channels, sent an e-mail to the Bob Marley Foundation saying it wanted to do a documentary about his hit song "No Woman No Cry".

It said the project would involve Marley -- who died of cancer in May 1981 at the age of 36 -- "spending one or two days with us", and that "it would only work with some participation from Bob Marley himself". "


-CGP fo Life-

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