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October 26, 2005

Backdorm Boys?

I ran into this video on BoingBoing this morning and I just had to share the love. It's two guys in a Chinese Dorm singing Backstreet Boys.
It just keeps getting better as you watch it..

October 20, 2005

Watch a Guinness Record Get Broken Live


Local SoCal radio station KROQ is having their phone screener, Dave "The King of Mexico", attempt to break the Guinness record for most continuous hours watching TV. The cool part? You can watch him watch TV. It's oddly entertaining, I swear.

-CGP fo Life-

Love Me Some Crack

The President has nothing on this company. Why bother with "No Child Left Behind" when the country yearns for something more. Something strong. Something they care about. Something like...Crack.

The "No Crack Left Behind" initiative will strenghen our nation and give it an economic boost. Higher rates of armed robbery will flood the market with cash. Navigator sales will skyrocket, along with spinning dub deuces. It's what our country needs in the wake of the horrible hurricane disasters.

Listen to Mr. Happy Crack. He knows best.

October 14, 2005

Outsource your entire life

This article from Esquire magazine is a must read. The writer outsourced his entire life to India. One personal assistant for his job, and another for his personal life. Both of them in cubicles 10,000 miles away, managing every little detail. Everything from research work to gift buying. The writer keeps pushing the limits of both the assistants and the people in his life.

-CGP fo Life-

October 10, 2005

OMFG I Want These!!

wallpaper.jpg The people over at Maxalot have commisioned a number of artists to create some amazing custom wallpaper. At €79 (roughly $90US) a square meter I cant afford to even cover a door, let alone a whole wall.
(Found via MoCoLoCo)

-CGP fo Life-

October 3, 2005

HUGE Ziploc's


Someone call Cypress Hill and let them know that Ziploc now makes bags large enough for them to carry their stash outside the house. They come in two sizes: Xtra Large-2ft x 1.7ft and XXtra Large-2ft x 2.7ft. Heavy duty plastic and the handle means your kilo's will stay nice and fresh.

-CGP fo Life-

Mac OS 7.5.5 on the PSP


This chick installed BOCHS (an x86 emulator) on a Sony PSP. Then she installed FreeDos and Basilisk II/vMac (Mac 68k emulators). Sure it takes 4 hours to boot, and has no keyboard/mouse support, but it's still damn cool. She should have taken it one more step and installed STELLA for some Atari 2600 action!
All the required files are available from her site as well.
(Thanks Oldies)

-CGP fo Life-

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