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Aquaduct 2.0b1


A few days ago we mentioned Xlink Kia was coming to the Mac but they still havenít given a release date (they also refuse to even confirm that it's being worked on in their forums).
Thanks to Aquaduct 2 we dont really have to care:

"* The power to play some Xbox Halo online. Lots and lots of Halo. And 45+ other System Link games too.
* The ability to register an XBConnect Tag and log in to the XBConnect server, where you'll find lots of Windows users who also want to play some Halo. You can use an existing Tag if you have one.
* An Aqua-beautiful browser to list games. Lots and lots of games.
* Live sorting and searching tools to manipulate the games list. 'Cause it's so full.
* A little yellow Connect button, to join in on those games.
* A chat interface, for both the XBConnect chat rooms and your own Aquaduct channel.
* A slightly buggy buddy list to help organize your posse.
* A mostly-complete step-by-step guide to using Aquaduct.
* Stuff I have forgotten Aquaduct does. "

Hosting doesnít work yet and I wouldnít try it over an airport network quite yet. But it works extremely well, especially for a beta.

-CGP fo Life-


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