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January 29, 2004

Caps Get Peeled on Iraqis

Here is some crazy video from the camera's on an Apache attack helicopter.This particular Apache is peeling caps on Iraqis who were attempting to fire a stinger missle at it. The recourse is a couple hundred rounds from the Apache's 30mm barrel gun (which is the Apache's lightest weapon). Dont's watch if your squemish, and since I am hosting this locally DO NOT link to it from any other sites please.

-CGP fo Life-

Damn James


James Brown (70 years old) has been arrested (again) for shoving his wife (33 years old) to the ground. But more important is this mug shot. All I can say is DAMN JAMES! All he needs is a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 to complete his homeless look.

-CGP fo Life-

January 28, 2004

Penguin Smack


Yeti Sports is the flash equilivent of crack. Your a Yeti who smacks penguins with a big club. What could be more fun than that?? Seriously, I dont know a single person who has played this and isnt addicted. Thanks to livnir.

-CGP fo Life-

*UPDATE: The url changed and has been corrected above.

January 27, 2004

Graffiti Machine


Attention lazy taggers, your dream has come true! Hektor is a computer controlled spray-can that writes or draws anything you tell it to. The site is pretty empty but has a great movie of it in action and a PDF explaining alot of how they built it.

-CGP fo Life-

Cell Phone Gun in action

Don't have room in your pockets for both your cell phone and your gat? Then digital convergence has evovled enough to benifit you too. Introducing the Cell Phone Gun. According to this Time.com article the weapons are made in Croatia and fire 4 .22-cal. bullets in rapid succession simply by pressing number buttons on the phones face. Now you can pull a drive-by and check in on your baby's mama at the same time.

-CGP fo Life-

January 23, 2004

A Blunt. Malt Liquor. What's not to like?

I was reading an article in the newspaper online when I came across a click ad with a big leaf on it. Needless to say, I clicked on it.

It took me to the Parents: The Anti-Drug site. While perusing the site I came across a link that tells you all of the fun, hip new names for that herb we all know and love.

My favorite is the B-40. The intoxicating taste of Malt Liquor with the Snoop-ed out blunt. I love drug education sites. I get to learn about things I need to do in the future.

-CGPFL- (assuming the B-40 doesn't knock yo shizzle out first.)

January 22, 2004

iChatNaked.com Beta Test


iChatNaked.com is now accepting Beta Testers.

"Want to be a beta tester for iChatnaked.com? Just send us an e-mail and let us know that you would like to beta test iChatnaked.com. To be a beta tester you will need to have iChat AV installed and running on your computer."

Go to the site, choose your sexual orientation and apply to try out this new service.

-CGP fo Life-

Happy Birthday to Us

Today marks CapsGetPeeled's 1st official birthday! While I have had the domain for about 3 years it was never actually put to use until I installed MovableType on my home G4 on January 22nd 2003. It's been a lot of fun and a ton of work but the pay makes it all worth..........nothing. If our host had not been hacked we would be at around 500 post's, but since the backup was pretty old we only have about 270.

Here's to another great year of cap peeling and westside representation!
-CGP fo Life-

January 21, 2004

Riding the Hershey Highway?

For Sale: Sweet Blue Lincoln Towncar Mark VIII, brand new leather interior, runs excellent...

Used Breifly in adult film "Highway Gangbang: In Da Butt."
May require some light interior cleaning.

Yes it's in the AutoTrader online!


Wired's 2003 Vaporware Awards

Here is the Vaporware Awards list for 2003:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Duke Nukem Forever (Promised since 1997)

10: GriffinTech's RadioShark (2003)
9: Amiga OS 4.0 (why does anyone care?) (2001)
8: Fossil's Wrist PDA (2002)
7: HDTV Tivo (2003)
6: FWB's RealPC (2003)
5: Sandisk's Wi-Fi SD Card for Palm (2003)
4: Valve's Team Fortress 2 (1998)
3:Infinium Lab's Phantom Gaming Console (2003)
2: Black Isle Studio's Fallout 3 (2002)
1: Valve's Half-Life 2 (2003)

Who wants to bet at least half of these will be on next years list as well?
-CGP fo Life-

January 16, 2004

Gangsta Roundup


Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison today on sexual assult charges from his hairdresser.

From CNN:
"The victim accused Tyler and two bodyguards of forcing her to perform oral sex after they accused her of stealing $80,000 worth of his checks. She denied stealing any money."

In totally unrelated news, Dancehall singer Beenie Man flipped his Hummer in Jamaica. He had to undergo emergency surgery and is expected to be released from the hospital in 3 weeks.

-CGP fo Life-

January 14, 2004

Grand Royal up for Auction


Originally started by the Beastie Boys, and former home of Luscious Jackson, Atari Teenage Riot, Ben Lee, Sean Lennon, Bis, Buffalo Daughter and Money Mark. GrandRoyal Records is bankrupt and up for bids.

Assets include: "Various master recordings, license agreements, recording agreements and misc. contracts available."

Bidding starts at just $10,000 (US) which is damned cheap for an already established record label. Just BUY US LOTS OF GOOGLE STOCK* and we'll be happy to pick it up.

-CGP fo Life-

*This post was edited on 10/03/05 - My JOKE about clicking our ads to make us enough money to buy Grand Royal was deamed unfunny by the Google Adsense gestapo crew.

January 13, 2004

CES Coverage


The always excellent Gizmodo has by far the best CES coverage I have seen. Short, simple and lots and lots of photos of cool gadgets and gizmos.

-CGP fo Life-

January 12, 2004

Is that a Big Disk in your pocket?


No baby, it's a Bigger Disk! LaCie has began shipping it's 1 Terabyte (yes thats 1000 Gigabytes) Bigger Disk at MacWorld and CES. It's got Firewire 800, Firewire 400, and USB 2. Needless to say we want a couple. Prices and availablity are not yet available.

-CGP fo Life-

January 7, 2004

Hack the ExtendAIR


Dissapointed with your Dr. Bott ExtendAIR's abysmal range? The folks at QuickerTek have a hack for you. With a little soldering "You should see a dramatic improvement in your Antenna performance" according to their website.

-CGP fo Life-

January 6, 2004

2003 Google Zeitgeist


Google has posted the 2003 edition of their Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist is an analysis of the searches throughout google's sites from around the world.

-CGP fo Life-

January 5, 2004

The Shizzolator


Ever wanted to talk like Snoop Dog but always get your shizzles confused with your izzles? Let AskSnoop translate for you! Enter any website and get a Snoopified result. From a snoopified CNN article about the mars probes:

" The $400 million craft named Spirit also locked in on Earth wit its most powerful antenna fo' da first time, allowing that shiznit beam images 'n data directly Earth without interruption."

-CGP fo Lizzle-

True Home Security


Put this Half size AT-ST walker on your front lawn and never have to worry about locking your doors again! Starting bid is $19,000 on eBay, plus shipping from Poland.

From the auction:
"This is a labor of love. 12 months of painstaking work.  Build to the best specifications and 3D models available. This is for a serious collector ONLY. The replica is constructed out of hundreds of small parts cut out using computer controlled 3D thermal ploters and hand assembled. The core of the replica is made out of steel skeleton with an outer layer made out of tough Styrodure foam treated with layers of resin and paint. The whole replica is over 4 meters tall."

-CGP fo Life-

January 4, 2004

New Logo Needed

As you can see I have absolutely no graphic design talent. We need a new logo baaaaad. Some new CSS would be killer as well to bring in the new year. This place needs a facelift. Any designers out there want to lend a helping hand? Send ANY ideas to KRS Juan.

-CGP fo Life-

CGP Exclusive Paris Hilton Nude


CapsGetPeeled is proud to present to you, our loyal readers, exclusive Paris Hilton photos!

-CGP fo Life-


Every time I take a vacation something goes wrong. This year I was in the Bahamas celebrating Junkanoo (like Carnival or Mardi Gras for the islands) 24 hours of drinking, debauchery, and general Westside representation.

In case you can't tell, our host was hacked over christmas.
The hackers deleted every site on the host's servers and even somehow got to all of their backups. The last backup I made was 10/12/03 (doh!) and as you can see things are still pretty broken. The only good news is that it gave me the opportunity to upgrade to MoveableType 2.65 which fixes some bugs and adds a couple new features. We will not let the eastside bring us down. This year will be bigger and better than anything seen here before (like that will be hard =).

You can do your part by simply holding it up for the true Westsiders, keepin it real, and sending news tips and stories to BlackFly@capsgetpeeled.com. Lets start 2004 off with a bang bang bang!

-CapsGetPeeled fo Life-

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! Here is a holiday card for your loved ones who have represented for the Westside this year.

-CGP fo Life-

January 3, 2004




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