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March 31, 2004

Linux on Airport Basestation

Please dont ask me why, but this guy has figured out how to install Linux 2.2.16 on the original Apple Airport Basetstation (graphite). I cant possibly think of a use, but the author says:

"Having a linux router obviously offers a huge amount of flexibility. Just an example: my ISP quite often drops my connection - I let 'init' take care of respawning pppoEd which in turn runs the right scripts to send me an email to work with the new IP address as soon as the new connection is up. Also, the status of the ppp link is monitored by the leftmost red LED. "

-CGP fo Life-

March 27, 2004

Yeti Sports 3


As if you needed another way to waste time at work!
Chris Hilgert, creator of Penguin Smack and Orca Slap, brings us his 3rd game Seal Bounce. Orca's are gone from this one, but helpful seals are there to lend a fin.

There is also now a "Boss button", press B and the game window turns into a pie chart. I haven't seen this in a game since my SE/30.

-CGP fo Life-

March 22, 2004


iEatBrainz is a MusicBrainz.org client that works directly with your iTunes library. WTF am I talking about?? Basically it makes an acoustic signature of a song and compares that with a database online to help you correct all your ID3 tags on your MP3's and AAC's. I ran about 2000 mp3s through it that had either bad, incomplete, or no tags at all. 1500 came back fixed correctly! After you verify the tags the app will apply the changes directly to iTunes. The bad news is this app crashes, A LOT. I've been told the developer is adding better error handling, but dont do too many songs at once, because after it crashes you will have to do them again. All in all it has tons of potential and still works damn well when it's not crashing.

-CGP fo Life-

March 19, 2004



Todays edition of CapsGetPeeled has been brought to you by Microsoft Word.
Write letterz n shit, yo.

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Cant afford a real bar or even a Kegerator in your home? The BeerTender is the answer. Totally enclosed and self cooling, the Beertender keeps a keg fresh for up to 21 days! Now if only they would bring them (and the required 4 liter mini-kegs) to the US I'd be set.

-CGP Fo Life-

March 16, 2004

CGP's New Home


For roughly $4,000,000 you too can have your own underground Titan Missile Complex! This thing is massive:

Power Dome - 125' diameter, 75' ceiling
Control Dome - 100' diameter, 50' ceiling
3 - 155' deep Missile Silos
3 - Equipment Terminal Buildings - 4 Stories
3 - Misc. Buildings adjacent to Silos
Ex-Air Intake Building (Empty Useable Space)
Ex-Air Exhaust Building (Empty Useable Space)
2 - Antenna Silos - 6 stories deep
1 - Entry Portal Building- 6 stories deep

Totally self-sufficient, it has it's own power and water supply. With walls up 14ft thick this thing was originally designed to survive a 1-megaton nuclear blast within 3,000 feet. With all the air filtering equipment removed I doubt this claim holds up anymore but imagine the possibilities! Campgrounds for your cult! Drug processing lab (make the Molson factory bust look like childs play)! Evil Ferret breeding lab!

-CGP fo Life-

March 13, 2004

Mac OS X GameCube ISO Extractor

NGCIRS is the first (that I know of) GameCube ISO extractor for Mac OS X. Using the broadband adapter, a copy of Phantasy Star Online, and NGCIRS, one can make a backup copy of GameCube Mini-DVD's. What you do with those backups is up to you =).

-CGP fo Life-

March 11, 2004

New Ripper in Town

MacTheRipper is a new and free (GPL) DVD extractor for Mac OS X.

"MacTheRipper removes CSS encryption, Macrovision protection, and sets the disc's region code to '0' for region-free by default, and is capable of removing RCE region protection as well, making an unrestricted copy of any DVD movie you own. It doesn't rely on the DVD drive to get the CSS decryption keys, so that means that you do not need to play the DVD with DVD Player in order to rip it to your hard drive unprotected."

I have yet to try it, but having alternatives to DVDBackup and OSEx can only be a good thing. This isn't a compressor/re-encoder so movies larger than 4.3gb still need to go through DVD2One or an equivalent.

-CGP fo Life-

March 10, 2004

Juicing the Juice

Your O.J. Simpson. You have just gotten away clean from a double murder that the whole world knows you did (except for your jury). FBI Agents have your house under surveillance for part in a suspected Extacy smuggling ring (with Sammy "The Bull" Gravano). So what do you do??? Start stealing DirectTV of course!

-CGP fo Life-

March 9, 2004

RSS and Atom together?

The father of RSS has proposed that RSS and Atom combine into a single format controlled by IETF. RSS and Atom feeds provide a way for websites to syndicate content from other websites, as well as allowing tons of other uses (RSS readers, stock tickers, ect. ect.). Atom (formerly Echo and a whole bunch of other names) was originally created due to many peoples feeling that RSS's creator was too controlling.

Sam Ruby, creator of Atom, said "As long as it's under the IETF, it's fine," said Ruby. "The IETF has a good history of dealing with personality disputes of all types, and I imagine we'll work through them.".

-CGP fo Life-

March 5, 2004

Handwritten Clock


This really cool flash clock is handwritten and each digit gets hand erased each time. I really want this as a screensaver!

-CGP fo Life-

March 4, 2004

SounderCover Lies


Do you own a Nokia phone and constantly lie to people about your whereabouts? With SounderCover you can let the background noise lie for you. Missed your childís birthday? You were stuck behind a "Circus Parade"! Couldn't make that court appearance for that restraining order against you? Your at "the dentist" of course!

I'll buy it when they include "caught in a drive-by", "Compton swap-meet", and "drugged and left for dead in Mexico".

-CGP fo Life-

Devil Duckie Drive


Yes it's just a rubber duckie with a thumb-drive up his ass, but the Devil Duckie is just so evil that everyone must buy one.
128MB is $64.99, 256MB is $78.99, and 512MB are $142.99.
They are USB 2.0/1.1 and work on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X without drivers.

-CGP fo Life-

March 3, 2004



In what is absolutely the most important news of all time, Seth MacFarlane, creator of The Family Guy, has announced that The Family Guy is returning to television with new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!

"MacFarlane told IGN.com that he plans to begin production on new installments in April, but is unsure about whether the episodes will first air on Fox, which originally broadcast the series from 1999-2002, or the Cartoon Network, which has aired the show in repeats since April 2003.

"Cartoon Network will be involved regardless," MacFarlane told IGN.com. "Whether it goes there permanently or winds up on Fox first and then Cartoon Network remains to be seen. So, at the very least it will be on Cartoon Network, which is great, because at the end of the day, that's where we built our biggest fan base. So I'm happy either way."

Hell Yeah! Too bad they wont start till 2005.
-CGP fo Life-

March 2, 2004

Homemade iPod Battery


2 AA batteries, 2 9volt batteries, 1 deck of cards, and some MacGyver ingenuity are all you need to build your own iPod battery pack. Using this combination of batteries in the right order puts out around 12v, the same as the iPod AC adapter and the creator claims an extra 10 hours! Sure it looks extra double ghetto but it's much cheaper than the belkin brick.

-CGP fo Life-

Boinx MiracleSight


Boinx MiracleSight is an OS X screensaver that uses your DV camera (iSight) as a motion sensor and draws bubbles on a mirror image of what it sees. No wait, donít stop reading!!!!! It's actually really cool if your Mac is in an active environment with backround music. Everyone looks like they are in a live 1980's music video!

-CGP fo Life-

March 1, 2004

News Havoc


Moshdaddy showed us this. In city's where it snows a lot, local news stations announce business and school closures to help employees and students from trudging out in the snow.
News 14 in North Carolina took it a step further and made a web interface that let anyone who registered submit said closure information and didn't bother to read any of them before sending the messages out over live TV.

Some UNC Students found out and halarity ensued

-CGP fo Life_

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