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February 26, 2004

Mac in the Box? (OS X Powered Scion xB!)

Yup, Besk one is a siiiiick puppy - he's not content with his new Scion xB just the way it is, so he's modding the hell out of it - and his current project is to install what ammounts to a PowerBook G4 500Mhz 512mb ram 80gb drive, Airport, Bluetooth and GPS connected to a 7" Touchscreen monitor in his dash.

Ya, i know what you're thinking... "Man this Besk one guy is out of his mind, there's just no reason for that". But there is my friends! the reason is I'm a siiiick bastard and having iTunes, Internet access, Bluetooth sync'ing with my phone, DVD's, DIVX, MPG's, AVI's and GPS Satalite Navigation is PIIIIIMPY!

Have a peep at the new Touchscreen hooked up to my G4 Tower for testing:

CapsGetPeeled.com will have a special area dedicated to the design and installation of Besk's new Mac in the Box as i get going with the project, check back for more details!

iPod Minis for Profit


Make money with the iPod Mini! The iPod Mini retails for $249, but the 4gb Microdrive inside it retails for $479. The Microdrve uses a standard CompactFlash connector so after reformatting the drive to FAT32 it can be used in cameras and other such items. With a couple compact flash cards you can even keep using the iPod Mini!

-CGP fo Life-

Palm Powered Tattoos


Meet Freddy. Freddy is a palm powered tattoo machine designed by Austrailian Niki Passath.
The 25 year old says:
"It was a hard job because the only person I could test it on was myself which was painful but a good incentive to get it right as soon as possible."

What happens when it crashes?

-CGP fo Life-

February 25, 2004

F/A-18A Hornet For Sale


For sale: One used US Navy F/A-18a Hornet Fighter Jet. This jet can fly 1,400 mph, can climb over 30,000ft, and turn any Afghani cave into a nice crater with ease. As part of the Blue Angels, it is also a collector's item. Originally this plane cost our government $28 million each, but thanks to the magic of ebay, it can be your for $2 million in parts or $9 million assembled. The seller recently got a visit from the FBI who apparently wanted a ride to the liquor store but forgot to bring jet fuel.

-CGP Fo Life-

February 23, 2004

Real Nautilus Minisub


This guy built a 18ft, 1.25 ton working replica of the Nautilus submarine from the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

According to the website "The NAUTILUS MINISUB is presently in Hawaii receiving finishing touches to the exterior detailing, prior to continued open water operations in the Pacific Ocean." And if things dont pan out he could always become a super villian for a Bond movie!

-CGP fo Life-

Skip to My Loops


Norman Cook, a.k.a. the Brighton Butcher, a.k.a. Fatboy Slim, has released a set of Garage Band Loops called Skip to my loops.

"An essential collection from one of the UK's most successful dance remixers. A massive collection of superb loops, ranging from 84 bpm to obscenely fast. Plus some extra samples including FX, Guitar, Reggae, Flute, and many more. The more you use it, the more you like it. One of our most popular CDs ever! "

-CGP fo Life-

February 20, 2004



Last.fm is a really cool personalized music streaming service that my explanations can't do justice so here is the blurb from their site:

"Last.fm creates a radio station unique to each listener. Stations are not limited by programming schedules or musical genres, but are compiled by a profiling and recommendation system which compares your musical taste with other listeners.

Last.fm Radio tries to do three things for you: Firstly the Last.fm system learns about your musical taste by remembering which songs you listen to and which you skip. Last.fm then uses this knowledge and tries to play you more songs you'll like, too. If you become a fairly regular Last.fm listener, the system should know you well enough to be able to predict new songs you like."

Sign up and start listening biatch.

-CGP fo Life-

February 18, 2004

Cheating the Pepsi Apple Promotion


MacMerc has discovered a way to cheat in the Pepsi/iTunes store promotion.
From their site:

"The secret is the angle. I've found it to be 25, but that's really no use when you're out in the field. Just tilt it until it seems about that, and look up towards it (hold it above your head). With luck, you should be able to see under the cap."

I cannot try this since I cannot find the promo bottles anywhere in Los Angeles, but if it works let us know!

-CGP fo Life-

February 17, 2004


Are you a dirty slob living in the LA area? Then why hire some ugly illegal alien to clean your home for pennies when you can hire hot chicks to clean for you? They will dress in costumes, bikini's, lingerie, topless or even fully nude as they perform a "light cleaning" of your cheetos covered rat shack.

Rates are:
Nude: $100
Topless: $75
Lingerie / Bikini / Costume: $50

How well do they clean? Who cares? You actually had a naked chick in your house without her filing charges! Be sure to leave a trail of clothes all over the floor for them to pickup.

-CGP fo Life-

February 15, 2004

Fun for the Whole Family


ESCAPE FROM NEVERLAND This is a game that gives a "sniper's eye view" if you will, into a day in the life of good ole Michael Jackson at the Neverland Valley Ranch.

February 13, 2004

Target Da Pengin!


For more slacking err... productivity enhancement, check the Orca Smack! More Yeti Sports Goodness for that ass.


The Grey Album

The Grey Album.jpg

The Grey Album is a remix of Jay-Z's Black Album with the Beatle's White Album by DJ Danger Mouse. EMI is pissed and sending out DMCA violation notices left and right. This site still has it up for download but you had better act quickly before the record industry does. iTunes 4 Cover Art is even embedded in the tracks =).

-CGP fo Life-

Newtendo Entertainment System


Attention all 4 people that still use an Apple Newton!!!! This guy actually wasted spent his time making a Nintendo emulator for the Newton!
It's called Newtendo.

-CGP fo Life-

February 12, 2004

Windows Source Leaked??

Rumors are spreading around the net that the source code to Windows 2000 and Windows NT has been leaked on the net! So far there is no proof or confirmation from anyone and even the things mentioned in the articles sound pretty shady, but if it's true we can surely expect a deluge of viruses and trojans for the millions of windows users out there. Suckers!

-CGP fo Life-

Water in Zero Gravity


When they are not busy making broken mars rovers, NASA is spending millions of our tax dollars to pop water balloons in a zero gravity environment. The website has a few very cool videos and some sort of explanation that I didn't bother to read.

-CGP fo Life-

The End of the Simpsons??

E! Online is reporting that Fox is in the early stages of making a Simpsons movie.

"Fox's feature-film animation division is "in the very early stages of developing an idea for the movie," exec Chris Meledandri said in Wednesday's Daily Variety"

Could this be the end of the Simpsons 15 year run? The only movie based on a TV show that didn't completely suck ass was South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut. The article mentions that the Simpson's staff feels the same way and some have even joked that the Simpsons movie is "gonna suck pretty hard.".

-CGP fo Life-

February 7, 2004

XLink Kai for OS X

It hasn't happened yet, but according to Xbox-Scene.com the developers of Xlink Kai have made their engine code portable and all that is needed is people to create UI's for the different platforms, including Mac OS X.

XLink Kai is the most popular Xbox Tunneling application around, it supports the most games, and is completely free. So if you can make a decent interface please help them out.

-CGP fo Life-

February 2, 2004

Got Milk?


The biggest highlight by far of this years Superbowl was the surprise appearance of the smallest member of the Jackson family. Janet's jewelry covered (barely) right breast:


Here are some
torrent links to movies of the "Money Shot"

-CGP fo Life-

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