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May 27, 2005

Organic Graffiti


Unxmaal pointed out this very cool Moss Graffiti. Grow your own biodegradable urban art.

-CGP fo Life-

May 25, 2005

Jagermeister Tap


I dont drink much Jagermeister, but this dispenser is so cool I may just have to start. It holds 3 bottles and cools each shot down to 12 degrees before dispensing. Of course I want one.

-CGP fo Life-

May 23, 2005

And the Schnozberries taste like Schnozberries!!!


Artist Alex Schweder has created some Scratch-and-sniff Wallpaper

"Still-life of Beefsteak and Cheese, 2004
Paper, Ink, & Scented Varnish; Each sheet 34" x 21.5"
This line of wallpaper explores color and scent in relation to their construction of a "succulent" space. Set up as three sheets with the same striped pattern, different ratios of scented scratch n?sniff varnishes and colored inks allow a room to be more or less visually or olfactoraly intense but evenly delicious. The name of the wallpaper sets up an expectation of savory flavors in the color while the scent of donuts evokes an unseen sweetness."

It's called Beefsteak and Cheese, but it smells like donuts??? This is one step closer to Willy Wonka's lickable wallpaper!

-CGP Fo Life-

May 20, 2005

The xBox 360 is beautiful, but only on the insides!

Looks like an astute observer at the E3 conference noticed that the xBox 360 M$ had on demo was sticking out of a large box, that was whirring like hell...

Said observer walked around to the back and found not 1, but 2 Apple PowerMac G5's running a dev system of the 360 backed up by a giant home fan to keep the cool.

ahhhhhh, Feel the love.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the story

May 18, 2005

All thieves should die soon after watching their mothers get gang-raped!

Well, Besk one's house got robbed last week, fucking bastards cleaned up and got away with the following booty:

Brand NEW PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz, 1.5GB Ram, 2x 250GB Hard Drives SN# YM4384H1QPM
Apple 20' Cinema Display (ADC) SN# YM4384H1QPM
Canon Digital Elph S230 SN# 8185A001 [AA]
Philips Pronto Pro TSU 7000 SN# PL1A0428006201
Apple iBook G3 500Mhz, 512MB Ram, 10GB Hard Drive (bought used, no SN handy)
Apple iBook G3 600Mhz 256MB Ram, 20GB Hard Drive (with broken screen hinges)
Evolution MK-426 MIDI Controller
Lilliput 7" Touchscreen (see car-puter thread)
250GB Firewire Drive (my backup HD)
200GB Western Digital ATA Hard Drive
My Friends Sony Camcorder

so Help a fellow cap peeling brother out, and be on the lookout some sucker ass punk selling said items cheap on e-bay or craigslist - If I ever find out who did this, I'll probably be in jail for splattering their insides all over the place I find them, but hopefully the cops find them first.

And a note to everyone - GET RENTERS INSURANCE! it's cheap and will save your ass - as I'm finding out, not having it really sucks sweaty monkey balls...

The worst part about the whole deal is the 6 years of data that's now gone :(

And it's not like I didn't have a backup in case my internal drives died - the bastards stole my BACKUP DRIVES TOO! - a good case for always having an off-site backup of your important data!

May 14, 2005

Subway Crash

subway crash.jpg

Arn't you glad you don't use Windows? Dont you wish the New York Subway System didn't either?
Thank's to Halfie for snapping this photo.

-CGP fo Life-

May 6, 2005

The Broadcast Flag is Dead Bitches!

Yup, just saw the killer news over at BoingBoing.net that the EFF just fought for your right to do whatever the hell you want with the TV you get over your publicly owned airwaves!

So those fat cat network bitches, that wanted to control the way you watch and interact with your television just got the beatdown of the year put on their asses!

Time to fire up those network TiVo's 2006 is gonna be a TV Sharing-Parrrrrrrty!

May 3, 2005

The Ultimate Beer Bong


Not many Beer Bongs have their own domain, and usually for good reason, but this multi-stage, multi-person, compressed air powered Beer Bong truely deserves it's name: The Ultimate Beer Bong.

"My good friend, Billy Holder, and I created what we called 'The Device' some time ago. It was a successful over complication of a beer delivery funnel, also known as a 'beer bong'. Sadly Billy moved out, and there was a deep loss felt from 'The Device' and such the incarnation of 'The Device 2.0'. This was to be the biggest, most over complicated, most over engineered beer bong ever created. In fact it was to be such a spectacle it was to have it's own documentry website, and thus you have read this, and it has been done.

The basic idea, simultaneously tap two beer sources being either a sankey Keg, or a 5-gallon party ball, push it with a replenishing air compressor to either a faucet, or up to a 4-gallon upper holding tank with four hoses leading off into four mouths racing to finish their hose.
Media type: Keg / Partyball / Water / Air
PSI: Tank-120/First drop-30/BeerSwitch drop-12-14
Upper Tank: 4-gallon capacity with hoses / Activly intercooled via radiator and refidgerator based resevoir.
BeerSwitch: Able to redirect water, air, or beer from two sources into two faucets, up to the main tank, or all three at the same time. "

-CGP fo Life-

May 2, 2005

Make a Lockpick Gun with a HardDrive and old Mouse

Hack-A-Day has a link to instructions on how to make a lockpick gun out of nothing more than an old hard drive and a used mouse. And since lockpicks are mechanically the same thing as a tattoo gun (although slower and with a different tip) I bet you could use this for homemade body art as well.

-CGP fo Life-

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