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April 30, 2003

Coolest Ad Ever

Only 606 takes and one edit in the entire commercial. This was posted on /. a couple weeks ago but the site never recovered. Here's a fast mirror. Coolest Ad ever.
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IDG Renames Macworld New York Again.

Crazy Apple Rumors reports that IDG has changed MacWorld New York yet again, this time to a symbol. Unhappy with MacWorld, they changed it to CREATE, when they realized no one would show they renamed it to MacWorld CREATE, and now it's:CFKAMWNY.gif
Anyone going to "The conference formerly known as Macworld New York"

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April 29, 2003

The World as a Blog

the World as a Blog is a world-map that shows blog posts live as they happen. It's based on the lattitude and longitude in a sites meta-data so only about 10% of blogs show up but this could end up being huge.
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April 28, 2003

Firewall hampers iTunes sharing

OS X's Built in firewall blocks iTunes 4's sharing. Open port 3689 to make it work.
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:::MSG EDITED BY BLACKFLY:::: It was huge for such little info

new Apple music service

Well, we all watched the webcast. Why was it available only on Windows Media Playa and not Quicktime, i don't know. Regardless, it's dope.

As quoted from an e-mail from T-dog

"You have no idea... iTunes Music Store is my new mother and I will suckle at her teat for the rest of my natural life. You have to download this."

Nuff said.

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April 27, 2003

AK-47 Jukebox

A Kalashnikov ammunition clip MP3 player is exactly what everyone needs. Especially school children. I have gone insane from not being able to beat level 3 (Art museum) of The Getaway. That is all.
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April 26, 2003

Slashdock 2.3.4

I know most of you love NetNewsWire, but my absolute favorite RSS reader, SlashDock, has been updated to 2.3.4. Slashdock lives in your dock, has a cool digest feature that makes an html page of all the headlines and excerpts, plus it's free. New stuff:
"Added a lot of new preconfigured sites (be sure to go to 'Sites' in preferences and click the '+ Default' button to ADD new sites - your existing sites will not be lost).
* Added Danish localization (thank you Michael Rasmussen).
* Fixed parsing problem for some feeds.
* Fixed problem with ' appearing in headlines. "

-CGP fo Life-

Clutter 1.0D11

Clutter, one of the better Mac OS X album cover application, has been updated to version 1.0D11:
"The Now Playing window is now resizable ... because you asked for it, over and over again.
* Contextual menus on CDs showing the title and track listing. Selecting a track plays it.
* Preference for localized Amazon search site; currently only the UK is supported, but we'll add more countries as Amazon's local sites add the capability.
* Preference to stop showing the current CD in the Dock icon."

Kazaa for Mac Scam

This WebExpo forum post talks about http://www.kazaa-file-sharing-downloads.com stealing iSwipe and SELLING it as Kazaa for Mac. This is hilarious for 2 reasons. First off iSwipe is awful. It really really blows. It finds nothing, barely downloads, and crashes a ton, but it's free. Second, all the complainers and forum post's are on forums frequented by and focused for Warez. These are thieves complaining about someone stealing.
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April 25, 2003

G4 Parts

Today I aquired a Powerbook G4 Titanium 500mhz with a broken logic board and damaged screen. And a Blueberry iBook 300Mhz with a bad logic. Since I already have a clamshell iBook I am selling this one for parts if anyone is interested (unless I come accross a very cheap logic board. For the Tibook I am having trouble finding an LCD and Mobo anywhere but Ebay. Any ideas? Email me

Nude clothing

abracapocus.org links to Alba D'Urbano's line of faux nude clothing. One step closer to getting women to walk around everywhere naked.
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So bad its good

Dan Dickinson's The Primary Vivid Weblog
links to a mashup remix of Eminem's "Without me" and the Benny Hill theme song. Yes thats right, the Benny Hill theme song. Yes, thats right, the old english comedian who appreciated a good rack Benny Hill.
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April 24, 2003


iBucka's grandma represents for the Westside

April 23, 2003

iPod iFM iRadio

Griffin Technology has introduced the iFM. It's an FM radio for your iPod. It uses the iPod's remote and runs off it's batteries. Retail is $35 and it should ship in late summer.
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April 22, 2003


DVD2one 1.0 for Mac OS X has been released. They say "It took far more work than initially anticipated" but that was fast for a windows port if you ask me. It is NOT a one stop solution though. First you must decrypt the movie using either OSEx or DVD Backup. Then you have to use Toast 5 to actually burn the DVD. It is currently 50 euros.
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April 21, 2003

Important CGP News

CapsGetPeeled.com is moving around May 10th and will experience some downtime. The server is hosted off my home DSL line and in order to be deeper immersed in the glory of the Westside, I am moving as west as it gets. Unfortunately the new location cannot get DSL and I don't know if the cable provider offers static IP's. I cant really afford professional hosting (even though my traffic is tiny) and half the fun of this site is hosting it myself. So I have to figure something out. Ideas and donations are appreciated.

April 18, 2003

A quiet town

Well, adding to the list of interesting places to visit is the lovely town of Coxsackie, NY.

True, many of our cap-peeling compatriots on this site enjoy travel. And if Coxsackie is on one of your biz-ihes mind (ask your hos about it), this place will hit the spot.

-Fo Life-

Enter the Matrix is Gold

Shiny Entertainment has announced that the game "Enter the Matrix" has gone gold! It's done, ready to ship along the new movie on May 15th. The game will ship for PC, Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube. Other Shiny games have come to the mac, maybe if this game doesnt suck we might get t.
-CGP fo Life-

April 15, 2003

Apple Considers Buying Telemundo

Apple Considers Buying Telemundo. If CARS says so, it must be true. Someone photoshop this image and help me make a Bumblebee Man Switch campaign.
-CGP fo Life-

Replacement iPod Battery

iPodBattery.com sells a replacement battery for your iPod and even has instructions. So now your thinking why should I give a fuck? If you dont have an iPod you shouldnt, in fact if you dont have an iPod go away, we dont like you, no wait come back..... please.... ma'am........ ::::::sob sob::::: But if you do have an iPod there isnt anywhere else that I have ever seen that will sell you this battery. Apple wont, and they wont even sell them to the most authorized of Apple Authorized service departments.
-CGP fo Life-

Mac UT2k3 Demo soon

This forum post says:
"Ryan Gordon let me know this morning that he has sent a version of the Macintosh UT2003 demo to Macsoft that is ready for large scale testing in the hands of Mac users everywhere. Macsoft will be doing some testing on this and creating an installer for it but hopefully this week the Mac demo of UT2003 will be released. Once the demo is out Macsoft will be collecting bug reports and feeding them back to us so we can promptly fix them and finish the game for retail release.

You will definitely want to update to OS 10.2.5 to take advantage of the latest Mac OpenGL code - especially if you're using an ATI graphics card as prior versions of OS 10.2 had performance issues with ATI cards when running UT2003."

-CGP fo Life-

2003 MDD G4s have USB 2

According to this korean article Apple's 2003 MDD G4 Dual 1.25ghz and 1.42ghz use a USB 2.0 controller. It's very possible it was cheaper than a 1.0 controller or maybe no one makes 1.0 controllers in mass anymore. Apple may not ever make a driver to enable USB 2 but the machine has the ability.
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April 14, 2003


The same guy who was making the iBox is now making and selling the CoreCrib which is an ugly ATX case with an ugly window. A "Gigabit Ethernet"(presumably refurbished) logic board, pc power supply, no processor and no video card. All for $349.99. I guess it's cheap if you need to build a slower and cheaper machine than what is new and don't want to buy used.

Software updates

First we have a new Safari beta, the first public release to have tabs and Auto-fill. Too bad EVERYONE who cared about such features already grabbed a leaked beta.

Kismac has been updated to version 0.04c and adds a faster interface and faster brute force cracking of WEP keys. The ironic part is the web-page doesn't work with the new safari.

Unsanity.org has a new mini-haxie called Safari-no-timeout which changes Safari's timeout from 60 seconds to 20 minutes
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April 13, 2003

New CGP frontpage

CapsGetPeeled.com now sports a new front page. Nothing earth-shattering, and it's still ugly as sin since Brian is too busy to represent for the westside. Now that we are over 2000 hits (63k pageviews!) it was time for a change. 15 people subscribe to CGP through bloglet, and 5 people own fake stock thanks to blogshares. A lot of people also use the RSS feed but please turn the refresh rate on your RSS reader to something in the hourly and not minute!
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April 7, 2003

iPod AMP Backpack

The iPod AMP Backpack is a backpack to compliment the Burton/Apple Amp Jacket. It looks really sweet and has the SoftTouch iPod controls built into one of the shoulder straps but at $199 I dont see myself getting one anytime soon. This has not yet been released/announced by Apple or burton and could very well be fake, but I doubt it.

Nice Rack

A Huge Rack of xServes! 85 to be exact, More info and photos.

Early DVD2One X Screenshot

This is an early screenshot of DVD2one for MacOS X. Wow those guys are quick.
-CGP fo Life-

April 6, 2003

CGP now on Blogshares

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by inbound links. CapsGetPeeled is now listed here. Since we rarely get linked to expect the price to be cheap, I mean really really "Crazy Gideon" cheap.
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April 5, 2003

DVD2ONE Mac update

Following up on our previous story The DVD2one people have posted an update to the same thread:
"Small update on the OS-X version :
Erwin has the engine running on his G4, now the guy we hired to make the gui part is busy doing that. After that some testing needs to be done, as well as the license key part.
BUT things are looking good, damn good"

-CGP fo Life-

Attention Rich Pot Heads

If you have lots of money to blow, and more weed than one can safely inhale, then Airē's Vapir "herb" vaporizer is for you. Vaporizers heat up your "herbs" enough to release psycho-active chemicals without burning the plant matter. This means no visible smoke, no cancer causing chemicals, and a huge dent in your pocket. Normal Vaporizers cost about $75 - $100, and you can build a basic one for about $40. The Vapir uses microchip controlled heating elements as well as infrared lasers to justify it's $369 price tag. The non-rechargable model is $269. Throw in a car charger, 3 year warranty, an extra battery and shipping and you are over $700. Like any stoner has that kind of money!

It aint my Fault

National Geographic says I live on a huge fault.
"Known as the Puente Hills Blind Thrust System, the fault is three to 17 kilometers (2 to 11 miles) deep and extends for almost 50 kilometers (31 miles) from northern Orange County, through Los Angeles, up to Beverly Hills. "
My mom was right when she said "The crack is gonna kill you"
-CGP fo Life-

April 2, 2003


According to this wired article some dude named John Fraser plans on buying lots of "Gigabit Ethernet" model Powermac G4 motherboards, and package them in a small but ugly case. OWC appears to be supplying the parts. Wonder how long till Apple sues them both? Back in the 80's a company took Apple II roms and built their own CPU's and mobo's, Apple crushed them with lawsuits.

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