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May 31, 2003

Represent on your desktop

A while ago I made this

(click for large version)

-CGP fo Life-


DivXWMAConverter is very useful to both Mac users and Q-cast users. It does just what it's name says and converts the evil windows media audio used by some morons on DivX movies. This is just what I needed!
-CGP fo Life-

KisMac 0.04e

Kismac has been updated to version 0.04e. This new version "introduces new features in mapping and channel hopping". Who cares what changed just download it and start getting free wireless internet! Anyone know a good (and cheap) GPS that will work with KisMac?
-CGP fo Life-

Broken BlogSnob

It looks like BlogSnob is down so that script is making the site take a lot longer to load. This site should normally be about 20x faster than the old CGP. The new host has very fast pipes and I used to host this place on my home DSL line.
-CGP fo Life-

EDIT: Seems to be fixed now

broken css?

I cant figure out why my sidebar is messed up but I think i broke something in my css. I probably broke it a long time ago and never noticed because it looks like filling up the posting area fix's it. I'm just fuckin happy it's running and lets me log-in finally!
-CGP fo Life-


CapsGetPeeled is back and now on professionally run servers! It took a lot of work over these last 14 days and it's by no means done. If you notice any issues or problems please email me. Represent for the Westside
Caps Get Peeled fo Life!


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May 17, 2003

Bye Bye for now

Well I move in about 6 hours! That unfortunately means this server is gonna be down for a little while. Go watch The Animatrix until we return.
-CGP fo Life-

May 15, 2003

The Red Pill Expired

Saw the Matrix Reloaded tonight. I was disappointed. Maybe it was just built up so much, or I just had the wrong idea going in. I didn't hate it or anything, but it often felt like too many people were trying to direct it. The music was boring and never once grabbed you. The special effects were amazing, but most of the best parts you have already seen in the trailer. There are two random twin albino ghost vampires with dreadlocks that are impossible to kill that had the best special effects. One really cool thing was it was this theaters opening night so a large soda and large popcorn were only $1! Almost makes up for the $9.50 ticket price.
-CGP fo Life-

The Jokes on Us

Remember that Microsoft iLoo that they said was a joke, well it turns out it wasn't, but the execs killed it after the publics reaction and tried to play it off as a joke. Good old honest Microsft.
-CGP fo Life-

Google NOT filtering Blogs

Blog authors need not worry about being filtered off Google, contrary to The Register! ScriptingNews quotes "Just want to be sure you know that there's been no consideration of removing weblogs from our index. "
-CGP fo Life-


Here are two AudioScrobbler users that have such bad taste in music that I think they should both be shot. The sad part is they are both less than 2 clicks away from my account (using recommendations in a Six Degrees manner).
-CGP fo Life-

Movin on up

The condo is mine. I own a home! It's amazing and I couldn't be happier. Halfie played sherpa with me and we hauled a ton of boxes over already. My real move-in wont be until saturday though. iBucka has a truck but his boyfriend made him come home so he couldn't help. But we did well considering all we had was a Honda Accord (with no !@#$%^ing radio), and a VW Passat.

May 14, 2003

Just another day livin in tha hood

Tomorrow morning I get the keys to my new condo. My first Home. I should be ecstatic right now. But I'm not. My fucking car got broken into today while I was at work. I had a lot of decent stereo stuff in it and it's all gone. It was in broad daylight and a fairly busy parking lot. I know I am lucky that I still have the car (I wish they stole it) but it really pisses me off. Thats life on the Westside. A friend is giving me a good deal on his old amp and sub, but I have to buy a new in-dash MP3 player to replace my Aiwa CDC-MP3. Too many to choose from (no I am not going to buy it from crutchfield, but it's useful for comparing specs). I need a front mounted input jack for my iPod and it looks like only the Aiwa and JVC have it. Any ideas?
-CGP fo Life-

May 13, 2003

PSP - Portable PSX?

Games Are Fun is reporting that Sony has announced a portable game console. Next to no specs and no photos, but it says it's going to be 16:9 widescreen (480 x 272) and backlit, uses MPEG4 for video, and 1.8gb cartridges that sound like MiniDisc to me.
-CGP fo Life-

Wanna be a porn star?

Ginger Lynn is starting an internet based reality show focusing on porn. Anyone not in the adult film industry is free to submit photo's to GingerPicks.com where the public can vote to decide who will be on the show. From the site:
"Here’s the deal, once a month, Gingerbred Productions will be producing and filming two amateur style videos.  Twenty people from around the country will be voted on to appear in the “Ginger Picks” videos.  The first two will be shot in Los Angeles, CA on or around May 21st & 22nd.  New amateur talent will be shot in various cities around the country. "
Normally I hate reality TV, but this could be pretty interesting.
-CGP fo Life-

May 12, 2003

iTunes 4 Stealing...Sorta

iTunesDL lets you download from people's shared iTunes 4 music. The 3 songs I have tried have all stopped at 4.8mb, but it's a work in progress. Find people sharing with iTunes Tracker, ServerStore, or at Spymac Music.
-CGP fo Life-

European Commercials Rule

Corey Tamas has found one of the funniest TV ad's I have ever seen. You would never see this on American TV (after all it wasn't on the BBC 2 years ago), and there isnt even any nudity. You might want to turn your speakers down though.
-CGP fo Life-

May 11, 2003

Lively Up Yourself

Poet, visionary, and legend Bob Marley succumbed to cancer 22 years ago today. His actions and lyrics are just as important to todays youth as it ever was. In memory, I ask that everyone lights up a spliff and play any Bob Marley song. This true-to-the-heart Cap Peeler will never be forgotten.
"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."
-CGP fo Life-

Word to your Mom's

Happy mothers day! Everyone call your mom and tell her how wonderful she is, and let her know I'll be over around 8 for my usual...

May 10, 2003

The Rocks that I got

VirtualCrack.com provides free crack for you and your family. Crack-based eCards are perfect for every situation. Birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and even funerals. They even offer pre-written greetings such as "Sorry I ate your dog", "Happy V.D.", and the time-tested Hallmark classic "So, you killed your boss?".
-CGP fo Life-

May 9, 2003

Friday Five

Lots of other blogs are doing it so I might as well fit in. The Friday Five is 5 questions for blog authors to use as topics, here goes my first F5.

1. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not?

Not at all! I'm very messy. Stacks of stuff strewn all over. I call it organized mess, but every girlfriend I have ever had calls it disgusting.

2. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you use it regularly?

I've tried 2 newtons and 2 Palms, the only time I ever remembered to use them was to play games. Oganizers are useless to those of us that cant remember to use them

3. Would you say that your desk is organized right now?

Actually yes. At work my desk has to be clean because it's a retail store and customers use my desk. My desk at home is clean because the piles that normally occupy it are packed in boxes awaiting my move.

4. Do you alphabetize CDs, books, and DVDs, or does it not matter?

The alphabet is for losers. I organize my house by scent. It's far more fun to smell things than spell things.

5. What's the hardest thing you've ever had to organize?

I used to collect Absolut Vodka Ads, I had about 3000. One day I decided to put them all in sleeves, that was hell. In college my roomate was a DJ, I always had to help him organize his 2500 records. Very hard work, but that was fun.

-CGP fo Life-

May 8, 2003

iTunes 4 Sharing Tracker

Spymac has launched a new web-based tracker for iTunes 4 music sharing. It's really cool until people turn sharing off, which has happened to me 3 times in the last 3 minutes. Use it before it gets shut down.
-CGP fo Life-



May 7, 2003


Scott Blake makes really really cool Bar Code Art. Sure it's nerdy, but nerds need creative outlets as well dont they?
-CGP fo Life-

May 6, 2003

Pringles in Jeopardy

Production of P&G's Pringles halted by tornadoes - May. 6, 2003 The worlds source of cheap Wi-Fi antenna's temporarily has halted shipments due to tornado damage. This is one of the saddest days ever. Oh yeah and some people got hurt or something too.
-CGP fo Life-

Then, You are star now for DVD players

Sanyo's BURN-Proof website has some of the best engrish I've seen. Starring Mr CD-R and Mr DVD in a twisted love story cartoon.
"...it's two-man job for you. You are bulky"
-CGP fo Life-

The Last Jedi

I found a gem on Corey Tamas' blog, but since he's too cool for MT no trackback for him. Someone found a video of a fat kid playing with a broomstick that on it's own is damn funny. But the re-edit almost made me fall over it's so funny. Waxy.org has more info.
-CGP fo Life-
P.s. sorry but they are in Windows Media only. Mac OS X users can just use VLC

May 5, 2003

Fifth of May

Happy Drinko-de-Mayo. CGP is taking the night off to drink.
-CGP fo Life-

May 4, 2003

Drum and Bass on the Westside

Besk one is kicking off a new Drum and Bass monthly with the one and only DJ Blame!!! going off deep in westside on the 17th of May, if you are in L.A. make sure to come by and represent to the fullest, or don't and know that you are the whackest of the whack!

Lazy-Boy Sunday

Tomorrow I get the keys to my first home. I am more excited than I have ever been. I spent most of today looking for couches. I really wanted a reclining one but can't afford it. I think I'm getting this one but I'm not crazy about the color. It doesn't bother me, but black is so much better looking. Shopping sucks and I have no ability to match colors.

Brian helped me fix the sidebar text to be readable, now I have to convince him to fix the rest of this place. I added a BlogSnob and BlogHop section. For some reason my BlogShares Listing is very messed up. It sees only one incoming link when I know of at least 4, and only sees 3 outgoing links. My blogroll has like 20 sites in it! The oddest part is it sees one site in my blogroll and nothing else.
-CGP fo Life-

May 3, 2003


I have been playing The Getaway for about two weeks now, and just passed the mansion with the lasers. "Why haven't you finished it?" you ask? Cause I DIDN'T READ THE FUCKING MANUAL. The game has no "training" mode or level so I just jumped in and figured it out by playing. I can't remember any time in my gaming history (easily 400 games) that I have missed out on MAJOR features of game-play due to not reading the manual, but now it's happened.

It turns out there is an Auto-Aim that is meant to be the primary attack but only works when enemies are around, so when you hide in an empty room to learn the controls, it does nothing so you assume it's unused.

And this one bothers me a lot. The game has no health or ammo gauges, and no health to pickup anywhere. I assumed that this meant there was no healing, boy was I wrong. Apparently leaning against walls heals you. Yes, LEANING heals you! WHAT THE FUCK!@#$% I want those magical morphine walls in my new condo!

Speaking of the condo, I get my keys on monday. I am so god damn excited I can't believe it. My first home, it's a ton of responsibility but will absolutely change my life for the better. I still have no roommate and can't afford to be without one. I put an ad in the Loyola-Marymount student paper since it's walking distance to the campus but only got 3 phone calls. First one didn't return my calls. Second forgot to leave his phone number in the message and didn't show up on my caller ID. Number 3 only wanted a summer place, and I don't want to go through this again in 3 months. Also I still haven't figured out hosting, I absolutely cannot get a static IP in the new place and cannot afford any kind of hosting. A few people have emailed me links to their favorite hosts (thanks) but I still cant swing it. Fear not, my dear readers, CapsGetPeeled will never die. The power of the Westside compels it.
-CGP fo Life-

May 2, 2003

May Day Project

the May Day Project - Your Day In Photos sounds pretty cool to me. On May 10th everyone involved will take photos about every hour for 24 hours. If I had a digital camera I would show life on the westside, but I am broke from buying my new home.
-CGP fo Life-

Bling Bling

Dan Dickinson found an MTV article claiming "Bling Bling" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
-CGP fo Life-

May 1, 2003

Blogshares goes live

Blogshares went live today (everything up till now was a beta test). Blogshares is a fantasy stock market based on Blog's and how many sites link to them. CapsGetPeeled is listed here please buy shares. Lots of em. If you run a blog I am down to trade some linkage action. Drop me a line

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