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March 31, 2003

Sharp Edges


March 30, 2003

DVD2ONE Mac OS X a Possibility

According to this post (2nd from the bottom) the developers of DVD2one are looking into making a version for Mac OS X. For those of you who don't know what DVD2one is, It converts DVD9 (dual layer/larger than 4.7gb) to DVD5 (DVD-R/RW). It keeps menus, chapter marks, and subtitles. But the amazing part is that it takes less than an hour! The reason for it's speed is that it cheats, instead of re-encoding the video it deletes parts of the GOP. I have never personally seen a DVD made with DVD2one so i cannot say anything about it's quality, but LOTS of people buy this app so it cant be too bad. Oh wait, lot's of people buy windows too.
-CGP fo Life-

:::UPDATE::: Later in the thread the same DVD2one employee says they have purchased a PowerMac G4 to give it a go. As they have no mac experience this is in no ways a guarantee we will see a mac version, but now there is a very very good chance.

March 25, 2003

Duracell please. Shaken, not stirred

In this post we discussed a mat that transfered power wirelessly. Today we have an article that really sounds like a wonderful future! Vodka and Gin powered laptops and cell phones. Maybe Russia will be the battery capitol of the world. "Johnny stop drinking your battery!"
-CGP fo Life-

March 24, 2003

Moore Liez?

Peter Cohen's blog Tikkabik today discusses Michael Moore's shady documentary work. Re-edited video, made up facts and staged scenes that were never billed as such. A non-documentary won the Oscar for best documentary somehow. Referenced are this Wall Street Journal article and this article by someone else.

March 21, 2003

Magnetic Inductive Power Transfer Mat

/. has a story about a mat that charges portable devices through magnetic induction. Splashpower's mat claims to charge palm-type devices, cell phones, and even some laptops. This could be very very sweet if it just work with todays technology.
-CGP fo Life-

March 20, 2003

Watch Out Decepticons

Fark points out that the US military is using it's secret weapon! Optimus Prime has been sent to Iraq to help fight the war. NO, we are not kidding. Some military guy actually changed his name to Optimus Prime. From the article:
"I got a letter from a general at the Pentagon when the name change went through and he says it was great to have the employ of the commander of the Autobots in the National Guard."
-CGP fo Life-

Ready.gov interpretations

If you have ever visited the US Government's Ready.gov you know that those lame emergency signs could mean anything. Here's a great interpretation.
-CGP fo Life-

March 18, 2003

BroadQ Q-Cast Tuner

I won a free PS2 but I already have an X-Box and a ton of games for it and am pretty happy. I picked up Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Gran Tourismo 3, but lets face it the XBox has much much better graphics, Surround sound in games, and lets me pick my own music for many games. I started thinking about selling it when I decided to buy the Q-Cast Tuner from Broadq. It plays Divx, MPEG 1/2/4, MP3's, OGG and more. A Server app goes on your computer. It's a Java app that runs under Mac OS X (and 2 other OS's, but who cares about them) and a boot CD for the PS2. I will post an in-depth review once i really sit down and play with it, but so far it looks like we have a keeper!

March 16, 2003

Jacket 0.3 with experimental Autosearch

Jacket has been updated to version 0.3.0! This version adds an experimental auto-search function. I will try it this week and let you know how it works. For those that don't know Jacket is an iTunes plug-in that displays your album covers.
-CGP fo Life-

March 14, 2003

Audioscrobbler.com Returns

Everyone using iScrobbler may have noticed over the last 2 weeks that AudioScrobbler.com has been shaky at best, and even gone for a while. It has returned and even has working recommendations once you have submitted 500 songs. Here is my stats because I like to pretend you care. If you don't know about AudioScrobbler, it works with your music player to compare what you listen to with what other Audioscrobbler users are listening to and makes recomendations based on this data.

Album Cover Wonderland

I love my MP3's but damn do I miss my album cover art. I never realized it until I found Jacket and Playalong. Both show album covers to whatever is playing in iTunes but the similarity ends there.

Jacket is an iTunes plug-in that shows your album covers full screen, but you have to add the jpegs manually. This ensures you get the right image, or can customize it for Mixes or live sets. This can take many days if you have a couple hundred albums.

Playalong is a floating window that shows a 1/2 inch square album cover but Automagically? finds the covers off Amazon for you. The problems with this, besides the fact that I despise floating windows, is when it's wrong you cant change it, it has no caching so it downloads the jpeg EVERY time, and 1/2 is just too small to actually enjoy the art.

If only Jacket kept it's customizability and added Playalong's auto-search I would be a very happy Cap Peeler.
-CGP fo Life-

March 12, 2003

Tree Fity

Make em go woooooooo woooooooo! Bubb Rubb is the greatest craze to hit the net since All your Base. Watch the video and see a true cap-peeler in action. A google search turns up MP3 remixes and even flash animations. Wooooooooooooo Woooooooooooooo.
-CGP for Life-

KisMac with GPS support

Everyones favorite wireless scanner/cracker KisMac has been updated to version 0.04a. The following changes were made:

* bugfixes
* gps support
* log export (macstumber and netstumbler format)
* newer kernel file

Anyone know any Mac OS X compatable GPS hardware?
-CGP fo Life-

March 9, 2003




March 7, 2003

Switch for the Porn, Part 2

The previous link to the Dave Chappelle Apple switch parody generated a lot of traffic and a ton of emails. Many complained about the RealVideo and everyone complained about bandwidth. Thanks to Halfie we now have a nice Quicktime 6 MPEG 4 version. And thanks to .Mac it's also on a fast server (unlike here).

Switch For the Porn

-CGP fo Life-

March 6, 2003

Sony + Apple?

According to this article Sony's CEO, Nobuyuki Idei, "indicated he would consider purchases of both Apple Computer and Symbian". Symbian makes OS's for cell phones that Sony licenses. Sort of makes sense i guess. They both make really cool hardware. They both focus on multimedia. Money isn't a problem. Apple is a mom-and-pop operation compared to sony. Even Electronic Arts could buy Apple if they wanted to. Will Sony buy Apple? No. I doubt Steve would ever sell Apple to anyone.
-CGP fo Life-

March 5, 2003


Consumption Junction has a great ad for some new medication.
-CGP fo Life-

March 2, 2003

It enjoys that we can meet to the smiling face of everyone

XLR8YourMac has a link to a schweet iBook mod. But what's even more fun is reading the Babelfish translation. Engrish, mac mods, and representing for the westside. This is what life is all about.
-CGP fo Life-

March 1, 2003

Deez Chips!

i used to like Chips Ahoy! crunchy..yes. can buy Costco size...yes. but then they started to really piss me off. Not only have the cookies become progressively smaller (don't give me that "you have just grown up since you were a kid and therefore your perception has changed" crap. i haven't grown taller since i was five. i think i can legally get a blue parking permit because of my height) but their name too has begun to anger me...

Chips Ahoy! What's the deal? Are you supposed to be a sailor who sails the plain cookie sea who excitedly called out to his shipmates CHIPS AHOY! when you see a cookie with a shitload of chocolate chips? I can see a 58 year old mothers dragging their whining kids around Vons...pushing around shopping carts wanting to kill themselves when off in the distance one of them spots a blue bag of cookies. Chips Ahoy! Chips Ahoy! she shouts to her fellow aerobi-sizors as they make a mad dash for the one thing that will shut their kids' pie-holes. I don't think so.

And why Chips Ahoy!? There are many other brands of cookies that sport chocolate chips that are much better. The Keebler Elf Mafia (our brothers representing Tree-Side West biatch!) can make a fine cookie that beats the pants off of a crusty ass Chips Ahoy!.

Furthermore, why the exclamation point after the Ahoy? Does Nabisco think people will really be *that* excited to see some chocolate chips? Ok, maybe Snoop. Or Dave Chappelle. But other than them, I'm sorry but i don't like big companies deciding for me how excited i should be about a freaking cookie. they can all say Ahoy! to deez nutz.

i don't know. maybe i should just stop huffing gold paint.

-fo life.

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