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May 23, 2004



Don't want your your favorite porn site to know your surfing from inside NASA? Trying to keep the feds from knowing you grow your own medicine?
Then AnoniSurf is the answer you've been looking for!

"AnoniSurf has arrived for MacOS X. No longer a front-end to Anonymizer, AnoniSurf uses a script by James Marshall called CGIProxy. It filters out ads, masks your IP address, and prevents you from unwanted hack attempts while surfing the web. Please read the disclaimer before using the software! v1.2 adds a server database, server crawler, cleaner interface, smaller file size, software update feature, and an online PHP framework created by Patrick Paul."

FGSoft.net has contacted me and asked me to remind you that they do not condone illegal use of their software, and they are not legally liable for any misuse.

CapsGetPeeled.com however encourages you to participate in victimless crime, senseless mayhem, and total anarchy (just dont use this app to do it).

-CGP fo Life-

May 21, 2004

XLink Kai: Evolution VII


The XLink Kai: Evolution VII website has opened for public registration, and they have announced the software will be released tomorrow!

"You've arrived at the new homepage of XLink's Kai Project. Kai is a flexible piece of (100% free) software, based on portable code, which allows you to play your Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation 2 LAN compatible games online.
Based on the tremendously successful XLink Messenger concept, Kai is a ground up rewrite of the best gaming tunnel ever created - bringing you awesome new features such as integrated Speex.org codec based group chatting, multi-console support, separated engine/UI logic, high performance distributed Orbital server technology, 'deep' network support, an open UI API specification, dynamic component updates, a super-clean, super-styling UI, and so, so much more. Ignore what anyone else tells you to use - if you aren't using Kai, you're not even in the game.
This site has been opened 2 days early to allow users to get registered with Kai and find their way around the new site and forum structure - so get yourself signed up, and take a look around - the client itself will debut here on Saturday 22nd May, at midnight BST. Make sure you're here for that."

Basically it lets you play LAN only Xbox/GameCube/PS2 games over the net with other people and works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Go and register now.

-CGP fo Life-

Vacuum Tube Car Stereo


Gizmodo points out this killer $1000 Panasonic Vacuum tube car stereo. It plays back Mp3's from CD-R's, and how sweet are those analog gauges!!! Too bad it's only available in this ugly gold color, and only in Japan unless you go through an importer.

-CGP fo Life-

May 19, 2004



I've been using Gumby since last year but completely forgot to post about it! This app does EVERYTHING!

"Gumby is a multipurpose application for manipulating, fixing and converting files found on the net. Over the years, many tools have appeared to handle such files, unfortunately the majority have been PC-based, thus leaving Mac users in the dust. Gumby tried to rectify this situation by providing roughly 20 programs into a single application.

VCD Jelly: Extracts an mpeg-1 film from a file.
SVCD Jelly: Same thing as above but for Mpeg-2 files.
SVCD Fixer: Fixes SVCD's so they work on some players.
Binchunker: Converts a binary file (.bin) to an ISO.
SFV Checker: Performs checksum verification on files.
PS2 Patcher: Patches PS2 images (CD or DVD) for the Japanese swap trick.
PPF Patcher: Applies PPF patches to images.
MPEG Cutter: Cuts or trims MPEG documents.
Unrar Extractor: Extracts files from RAR documents.
PAR Checker: Fixes RAR documents using parity files (PAR).
PS2 PAL: Converts PAL PS2 games so they run on NTSC TV sets.
GI to ISO: Converts Primo DVD images to standard ISO.
S/VCD Builder: Creates VCD or SVCD images from mpeg documents.
MPEG Fixer: Demuxes, Remuxes, Fixes and Repairs MPEG files.
Batch Processor: Automates multiples functions to work with 1 click."

All the CGP staff use this app daily, and according to the site a major update is coming.

-CGP fo Life-

May 18, 2004

Bluetooth ANY RC car

By now everyone has seen the Sony Ericsson bluetooth car, but it's expensive and slow.

This guy has put up detailed instructions on how to turn any RC car into a bluetooth controlled car. Imagine controlling your RC Nitro Dragster or RC drift car from your cell phone. Now thats some nerdtacular fun.

-CGP fo Life-

Project M (Milkdrop for Mac and Linux)


Milkdrop has long been thought of as the best music visualizer on windows, and until now has never been available to mac or linux users. Enter Project M.

"projectM is basically a re-implementation of Milkdrop under Linux/SDL/OpenGL/XMMS. projectM already does some things Milkdrop does not (like infinite custom shapes/waves). projectM uses no platform-specific code outside of the xmms interface."

Don't rush to grab it yet though, the mac version has not been released yet. According to their site it will be available soon (a couple days most likely).

-CGP fo Life-

Tryst your Movies


Tryst is a free and open-source Rendezvous movie streamer. Now you can share your porn over your LAN just like iTunes does with your music!

-CGP Fo Life-

May 12, 2004

Halo 2 November 9th


It's official! Bungie themselves have announced November 9th, 2004 as the ship date for Halo 2. They have also announced the limited edition box (pictured above) for people who preorder that includes a behind the scenes DVD.
A number of new screenshots have also been posted.

-CGP fo Life-

May 11, 2004

HYMN - Hear Your Music Anywhere

PlayFair has returned and works with the newest iTunes! The name and host have changed, but it still decrypts music purchased from the iTunes Music Store. One big thing has changed though, the Apple ID used to purchase the song is still embedded in the file to discourage people from sharing their decrypted songs.

-CGP fo Life-

May 3, 2004

G5 CubeCover

cubecover 2.jpg

Cult of Mac reports on a new Japanese accessory to turn your beautiful G4 cube into an ugly diakon grater and spend $300 in the process! Why????????

-CGP fo Life-

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