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June 30, 2004

Homemade Flamethrower


Answering the age old question of: What happens when you mix a bored geek, $100 worth of PVC from HomeDepot, and a can of denatured alcohol? A homemade flamethrower of course!

"Like any red-blooded, masculine man of the male gender, I love PVC weaponry. You should too. If the concept of heading on down to the local Home Depot and transforming $100 worth of random pipe bits into a killing machine doesn’t appeal to you, you’re a goddamn pansy. Also, you’re probably sane and will live significantly longer than I will. Nonetheless you disgust me, and I take comfort in the knowledge that your obituary will be nowhere near as humorous as mine. For those of you who laugh in the face of hypersonic shards of plastic puncturing your spleen, here’s an intimate look at how I’ve kept myself busy for the past week: building a PVC flamethrower.
If you're not interested in the building process, skip to the bottom of the post for the fire."

Let's see that punk ass neighbor kid shoot his potato launcher at my yard again!
-CGP fo Life-

June 28, 2004

Why Innovate When You Can Steal?

Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference 2004 kicked off today with a keynote from Steve that previewed many of the new features of Mac OS 10.4 a.k.a. Tiger.

Apple has covered WWDC in giant posters that talk smack about Microsoft stealing OS ideas from Apple including "Redmond, Start your photocopiers". Normally, I am all for this sort of jab, except when at the same event you also tout two huge new Tiger features that were flat out stolen from shareware developers!!

Spotlight -"Find anything, anywhere on your computer in no time flat". Gee that sounds and act's exactly like BlackTree's Quicksilver.

Dashboard -"Open fast access JavaScript widgets with a press of a button". Hrmmm that’s exactly how I would describe Konfabulator.

Then there's Automator which is pretty similar to QuicKeys and 100 other scripting suites.
And don't forget that Safari now does RSS feeds, a la NetNewsWire.

Did apple forget the whole Sherlock/Watson scandal????? Apple stole all the ideas behind Watson to make Sherlock 3, and it sucked. It still sucks, but Watson suffered for a while and now after a year of no updates, Karelia is selling it off.

Is Steve sitting in his door and windowless house planning the death for every loved Mac shareware application?

-CGP fo Life-

June 22, 2004

All Glass Public Toilet


This public toilet is made entirely of privacy glass. Totally clear from the inside but opaque from the outside. According to BoingBoing it's located in Sweden. As if public toilets were not already scary places. That would be so fun to have sex in one of these, as long as it was recently cleaned.

-CGP fo Life-

Were Famous! (Sorta)

In the two years CapsGetPeeled has existed, I always figured at least one of our 8 readers had a job. Turns out I was right. Not only is PJ Connolly gainfully employed, but he/she writes for Infoworld! Better yet, PJ managed to find an excuse to link to our much ignored G5 spoofs in the middle of a real and serious news article!
Today Infoworld, tomorrow WORLD DOMINATION (ok maybe not tomorrow, I'm busy, but hopefully I'll get to it sometime next week). Thanks for the shout-out PJ, keep on reppin for the Westside.

-CGP fo Life-

June 21, 2004

iPod in your BMW


Apple announced their not-so-secret BMW partnership today.

"Connect with music like never before behind the wheel of your BMW 3 Series, and X3 and X5 SAV, Z4 Roadster or MINI. With the installation of an integrated adapter developed by Apple and BMW, you can now control your iPod or iPod mini through the existing audio system and multi-function steering wheel. Which means no loss of power. No loss of sound quality. No loss of control.
The BMW iPod adapter can be installed in 2002 or later 3 Series, X3 and X5 SAVs, Z4 Roadsters and MINIs with compatible audio configurations."

If any of you rich people out there want to send me an M3 to test this with I would be willing to try this out, but only for the good of our readers of course.

-CGP fo Life-

June 19, 2004

Cheap Lamborghini Murciélago

For sale: 2003 Lamborghini Murciélago Supercar.
Only 121 miles!
"Had a small brake problem"

Looks more like It went 121mph, had a small brake problem, and hit a wall. But where else can you get a Lamborghini Murciélago for $6,000?

-CGP fo Life-

June 18, 2004

Erotica LA


Looking for something special to do with your Dad this coming Fathers Day? Bring him down to the Erotica LA convention. Meet your favorite porn star. Experience a RealDoll. Collect free samples of Astroglide and flavored condoms. Nothing says Fathers day like a convention center full of people with VD.

-CGP fo Life-

Trickle Charge Your Zodiac


Everyone who owns a TapWave Zodiac most likely knows that if you plug it into your computer to sync with the USB cable, your Zodiac will not charge unless you also plug in the power adapter as well. So far no 3rd party companies have solved this problem, so the guys over at HandHeld Gamer came up with this very simple (if you can solder) hack to make your stock sync cable trickle charge your Zodiac. Just be sure not to plug in a modded sync cable along with the power adapter or you will invoke the devil.

-CGP fo Life-

Apple's G5 Liquid Cooling System


Apple Insider has published detailed illustrations of the liquid cooling system used in Apple's new G5. It looks very similar to the liquid cooling system developed by MIT students (who were sponsored by Apple) if you ask me. Keep in mind this entire system is enclosed in the heatsink.

I cant help but wonder how long untill someone tries to open their heatsink and destroys their new G5. Or some tech at CompUSA who cant even spell Macintosh wants to change out someones radiator fluid for them, only after Pep-Boys refills their car's blinker fluid of course.

"1. G5 processor at point of contact to the heatsink.
2. G5 processor card from IBM
3. Heatsink (also referred to as a 'waterblock')
4. Cooling fluid output from the radiator to the pump
5. Liquid cooling system pump
6. Pump power cable (usually connected to the main logic board, but repositioned in the above diagram)
7. Cooling fluid radiator input from the G5 processor
8. Radiant grille
9. Airflow direction "

-CGP fo Life-

June 17, 2004

Dot-Matrix Graffiti Bike


BikesAgainstBush made something über-cool. They hooked up an Apple 15" TiBook to an array of spray paint cans attached to the back of a bicycle. Using a bluetooth phone, messages sent to the TiBook are printed in a dot matrix fashion by the spray-paint bicycle.
Here is the bike in action.
I wanna see "Bush is a Tool" sprayed on every corner in every city.

-CGP fo Life-

June 16, 2004

iTrip Amp


BoingBoing has a link to these instructions of how to build your own amplifier for the Griffin iTrip. You will need soldering and electronics experience or access to cheap Asian sweatshop labor like we have here at CapsGetPeeled headquarters. Start your own pirate radio station or scare your friends or family by broadcasting your own news over regular news stations.
"Giant subway sandwich engulfs New Jersey. Film at eleven."

-CGP fo Life-

June 15, 2004

How To Stream From Your Mac to XBMC


A chipped Xbox is useless unless you use Xbox Media Center, but the only Xbox Media Server for mac is xBmsx. xBmsx isnt bad, but it's nothing special either (I am not complaining, I am happy it works and is free) and is missing many features found on the PC server software. Luckily, MacOSxHints has step-by-step directions on setting up both the SMB shares on your Mac and editing the .ini file for the Xbox. Now maybe you can do something besides pirate games, you can pirate movies and music too.

-CGP fo Life-

June 14, 2004

They are Legal Now!!!!!!


Break out the ecstasy and spanish fly, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are 18 as of this weekend. The frog twins have not eaten a thing for about 2 years, and are worth more money than everyone you know combined times 10. This picture was their senior yearbook picture that I stole from Defamer. Which one will be in playboy first? Which one will do rehab first? The future looks so bright.

-CGP fo Life-

June 11, 2004

Fix your Hymn


The latest version of Hymn still decypts your iTunes music, but leaves your personal info to discurage file sharing. iTunes 4.6 however, recognizes these songs as decrypted and refuses to play them.

Gizmodo to the rescue:

"Luckily, there's a way around it if you're handy with a hex editor (thanks to Slashdot user Otto for this; I don't want to imply I thought this up myself, although it is stupidly easy). Search for the string 'geID' in your file -- it might be something similar, but different, but the screenshot shows roughly were it should be. Change that to something else (I used 'heID') and save the file. Voila, your music is free again and you've just broken any number of federal statutes. Welcome to the club. You were probably already a member."

-CGP fo Life-

June 10, 2004

You Got the Right Smack Baby!


Ray Charles died today at 11:35am. He was 73 and died of liver problems that can probably be blamed on his years of herion abuse.
The "Genius of Soul" died right here on the westside, just like 90% of celebrities.

-CGP fo Life-

Chappelle in Rick James Movie??


Defamer is reporting a Hollywood Reporter story that Dave Chappelle may be playing Rick James in an upcoming biography movie:

"Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is in negotiations to acquire the film rights to Rick James' autobiography, "Memoirs of a Super Freak," with David Chappelle in early talks to topline the feature film adaptation of the funk rocker's memoirs for Paramount Pictures. James, best known for his hit "Super Freak," has been working on a book for some time."

Bring me a Banana Cognac biatch!
-CGP fo Life-

June 8, 2004

25 Weirdest Amazon Products


BoingBoing points out The Top 25 Weirdest Things found on Amazon.com.
From live lobsters to chocolate covered pork rinds, and my absolute favorite: Owl Puke.

Too bad half the list is sea monkeys, and a couple items are standard items for gardening.

-CGP fo Life-

June 7, 2004

Airport Express and Airtunes


"Apple today unveiled AirPort Express, which it says is "the world's first 802.11g mobile base station that can be plugged directly into the wall for wireless Internet connections and USB printing, or thrown into a laptop bag to bring wireless freedom to hotel rooms with broadband connections." Airport Express also features analog and digital audio outputs that can be connected to a stereo and AirTunes music networking software which works seamlessly with iTunes, giving users a simple and inexpensive way to wirelessly stream iTunes music on their Mac or PC to any room in the house." AirPort Express features a single piece ultra- compact design weighing just 6.7 ounces, and will be available to Mac and PC users starting in July for $130'

I stole the above text straight from MacNN so any mistakes are entirely their fault. Needless to say we want one.

-CGP fo Life-

June 4, 2004

Bush in 41.2 Seconds


Watch this now.
No really.
Why are you still reading this?
You should be watching the video.

"Don't be an asshole, Vote Democratic"

(Thanks to MoshDaddy for pointing this out.)

-CGP fo Life-

June 2, 2004

MacTheRipper 2.0


MacTheRipper has been updated all the way to version 2!

If you didnt already know:
"MacTheRipper is a freeware DVD ripper (extractor) for Mac OS X. It is dependent upon the open-sourced GPL libdvdread and libdvdcss libraries. We also use the GPL 'tocgen' program in certain modes, which is a part of the 'dvdauthor' project. This product is made to backup DVDs you have legally purchased for personal use."

As for what has been updated:
"* Completely rewritten in Objective-C Cocoa to behave more like a Mac application
* New PGC mode for improved title and chapter extractions
* UOP disabling
* ForceRead mode for extracting damaged discs
* File size calculation in the various extraction modes
* DVD-ROM content extraction
* Compiled with GCC 3.3 for improved performance
* Countless bugfixes and performance enhancements
* Improved compatibility with a wider range of DVDs
* New and improved interface with innumerable enhancements "

Looks like they have been busy! UOPs are those stupid blocks that keep you from skipping the FBI warning and commercials on DVD's. It's about time we had something to get rid of those.

-CGP fo Life-



Safari is a great browser, and by far the best on the mac, but it's not perfect. Thankfully Apple released the internal rendering engine for anyone to write their own browser interface around, and Shiira is just that. An open-source project based in Japan, Shiira is still playing catch-up with Safari but has a very bright future ahead.
Here is the current feature list:

"*Tabbed windows
* Bookmark management
* Sharing bookmarks with Safari
* Side drawer showing bookmarks and history
* Bookmarks toolbar
* Search field with choice of search engine
* Customizing toolbar
* Cache control panel
* Window appearance switching (Aqua and Metal)
* Toolbar icons switching
* Removing Cookie and cache at the termination
* Displaying favicon list
* Enable/disable favicon with bookmark
* Help document (Japanese only)
* Multiple source windows per one browser window
* Displaying HTTP header in source window
* Wheel button operation (open in new tab, and tab switching)
* Auto-tab for bookmark folder
* Displaying back-forward list on toolbar buttons
* Search text field for bookmark and history"

Keep in mind that since it is based on Apple's WebKit it renders everything just as pretty and quickly as Safari does. The name is Japanese for Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi).

-CGP fo Life-

June 1, 2004

Aquaduct 2.0b1


A few days ago we mentioned Xlink Kia was coming to the Mac but they still haven’t given a release date (they also refuse to even confirm that it's being worked on in their forums).
Thanks to Aquaduct 2 we dont really have to care:

"* The power to play some Xbox Halo online. Lots and lots of Halo. And 45+ other System Link games too.
* The ability to register an XBConnect Tag and log in to the XBConnect server, where you'll find lots of Windows users who also want to play some Halo. You can use an existing Tag if you have one.
* An Aqua-beautiful browser to list games. Lots and lots of games.
* Live sorting and searching tools to manipulate the games list. 'Cause it's so full.
* A little yellow Connect button, to join in on those games.
* A chat interface, for both the XBConnect chat rooms and your own Aquaduct channel.
* A slightly buggy buddy list to help organize your posse.
* A mostly-complete step-by-step guide to using Aquaduct.
* Stuff I have forgotten Aquaduct does. "

Hosting doesn’t work yet and I wouldn’t try it over an airport network quite yet. But it works extremely well, especially for a beta.

-CGP fo Life-

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